New 09/10 Liverpool Away Shirt


Rumors are circulating that Liverpool’s new away shirt for the 2009/2010 season will be black with gold trim.

The new shirt features a round collar. Carlsberg will continue to be Liverpool’s shirt sponsor, while the football kit itself is manufactured by Adidas.

No official confirmation has been announced yet, but thanks to Football Shirts for the tip.

What do you think about the shirt design? Personally, I love it. It’s a million times better than Liverpool’s current horrid green third strip, and definitely better than their gray away shirt. The black and gold shirt is quite classy and more in line with what a historic club like Liverpool should be wearing.

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84 thoughts on “New 09/10 Liverpool Away Shirt”

  1. rouman,
    the whole idea of the 2nd and 3rd kits is to be a different colour than the main strip. So you couldn't have a red shirt with any trimmings as the 2/3rd strips. Also Liverpool are Red with white…black as a trimming on a red shirt will never happen and shouldn't happen in my opinion

  2. You can't have more than 1 red shirt thats just stupid,, whats te point of keep changing shirts, i like the green and grey one there's no point changing it

  3. This isnt real anyway, if you look at it its a different design to all this seasons shirts, the collar, the colouring the trim. this is last seasons designs with different colours, nothing but mere speculation i'm afraid…

  4. A Nice one. I am in for this one. I would like one to be a white with Red strips. We have not have one like that by Adidas. Come on Adidas………. Time you give better jerserys to LFC than the your competitors… EPL.

  5. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dat is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    and this is comin from a lfc fan
    u'll never walk alone
    ha ha ha ha ha
    p.s probaly fake

  6. stop being a joke herer Selvan, are u really a LFC fan u don’t even know addidas did have a away white jersey with red stripes. so comeon get ur facts right before post ur commments. what a nuisiance.

  7. Very nice looking shirt.

    Anyone know when they’re thinking of getting these out to the public… I suppose it would be sometime after this season then, eh?

  8. Don’t understand some people, Liverpools badge RED! not gold, yellow, black, always was always will be thats Liverpool, supporters mmm… by the way Great Shirt !!!

  9. Quite nice but i do like the grey kit they use at the moment. Changing kit every season is a rip off for a club like Liverpool, the should stick with each kit for two years, then they could change them alternatively every year, so they change the home one this year, then the away next and on and on like that forever and ever and ever yap yap yap

  10. I agree with HOP, how can you change the badge colour? and someone suggesting it should be black? black, really? also someone wanting black trim – why not move a few miles u[p the road and call ourselves manure too, would that please ya.
    dixie i reckon you have it spot on Red home, White away and Yellow 3rd!! Bring back the glory!!

  11. To all my fellow Reds out there, with regards to this shirt, it Rocks, and i know b’cause I have it already. Got it in malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) at one of the night markets. Exactly as you see in the picture.
    o.k so maybe a few of you are still smitten with the present strips, but I really think you’re gonna love this one!!!!
    Just to confirm, the official confirmation/presentation for this apparel may not be out yet, but the shirt most definately is out there.
    I know what else I’d like to say, but I fear it will jinx the team, so I’m going to leave it at this.
    You’ll Never Walk Alone

  12. the shirt is tight. i would but it. i do think this is the away for next year cuz some web sites are selling them. i would never change the crest tho.

  13. this run in to the season’s end is going to be exciting, but definately not good on the heart………!!! can rafa and the lads really do what i think is going to happen,…or is it all another dream..?? Guys, just imagine the premiership champions badge on this shirt…….Dammit, it fits!!!


  14. i think adidas should be more creative, maybe they can used the 80’s design and bring back the winning memories but the materials used are more quality from the old days for sure..that would be more nicer…what i can see now the different between the teams using adidas jersey are on d colour and the team logo..seriously need to be more creative..

  15. Adam, I can understand what you’re getting at, but you should remember ADIDAS is a brand. In catering to multiple clubs, and tastes, it would be unfair for the brand to design specially for only one club. What they do for one, they have to do for the rest, standardize!!! The rest of the clubs who have adidas as a brand logo would make a heck of a stink if it just catered for liverpool fc. Creative in what sense??
    Even if pool went to adidas and asked to have things specially done, nothing would change, i doubt it anyway. Pity, I know, but that’s the way things are.

  16. That’s indeed a nice shirt… but it’s a Chinese fake, I’m sorry. You can buy that on eBay, but they’re all from China and Thailand (and you already can have an idea). On the eBay you can find something like 4 variants of that shirt:
    1) gold or black neck.
    2) gold or white numbers
    3) gold or white sponsor

    No shirt has more than ONE variant.

    And then, last year also I saw many pictures showing “new” kits… which were fake eventually.
    If you give a better look, you can notice that the shirt’s style is last season’s one.

  17. nice kit but i mean it got to be fake as others have said it is last years design to be honest im not arsed about new kits im focusing on liverpool winning th leaue


  18. It may end up black with gold, but that’s definitely not it. The Carlsberg advertising contract states that the company’s logo will be in either white or green. Just pray to God they don’t get the Tour de France jerseys that Red Bull New York and Chelsea got.

    Since Adidas took over, it’s been downhill for Liverpool alternate kits…

    2006/07: Ronald McDonald yellow with red trim; Euro all white with sea foam green trim
    2007/08: white/black/white with way too much red piping; Euro black with red snake piping
    2008/09: All gray; Euro sea foam green with black shorts and white socks

  19. i’ve just had an email from a well known sports website confirming this as the new liverpool away kit cant wait to get it

  20. Really nice kit.. best alternate strip from addidas so far..
    Please Carlsberg let us put ur name in gold.. pretty please, would look awful if ur logo was in green or white.


  22. I have just ordered the away kit on the Liverpool page, I really hope that this is the proper design coz its really nice, that grey kit is horrible. Im gona b gutted if this design isn’t right and I end up with some crazy pink or orange away shirt!

  23. Lads, my mistake, on the lfc website, it does state that the kit wont be revealed until May 13th so what the lads say above sounds about right to me… i apologise for the confusion…

  24. Arrrrr man dis kit is sick blud , boy betta know im gettin dis ting on release day , i hope liverpool sign bramble in the summer so i can get bramble on thew back of this ting , bot betta know its not 2-k-9 its 2-k-grime.

  25. HOP? You say Liverpool’s badge ‘always was’ red, and always will be?

    Please look at the link above.. As you can see, the badge was red from 1955-1969.. Then yellow or white from 1969-1992.. And from 1992-present its a mix.. So much for ‘always was red’ eh?

    Dont get me wrong, this is a nice kit.. But what happened to the traditional white away kit? –


  26. someone above has stated they dont understand why they change shirts so much,i think the answer is same as anything relating to football these days. . . MONEY! football has no soul anymore!

  27. Dixie : You are spot on.

    This shirt is nice. It would be nice to wear out. But the away kit should be white and the 3rd kit yellow (both with red trim, stripes etc).

    I think green is rediiculous. Grey and black, is culturally ok, but the colour are red, with white and yellow

    Are there any stats on how many replica shirts have been sold? And in which countries ?

    Reliable stats – like sales figures. ?

  28. this will be the new away kit because they have a blackout version on the website and it says “phamtom/gold”in the description

  29. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! out in To weeks may 13th i think and there is rumour of a new Eruo red shirt like Chelsea new kit

  30. Jaime, anyone who thinks that they could get the brand new Liverpool away kit for $15 (a kit mind you that is so new it is not even out yet), surely deserves whatever cheap knockoff they get in the mail.

  31. Looks great!!! I hope it is a vegas gold and not yellow gold… what if they put a black collar with gold trim similar to the home kit they had till 08?!?!? I think that and a gold/ red bird would be my only change! … Cant get my hopes up too high… countin till the 13th

  32. I really like this new shirt, if this is what it is really going to look like??
    Its being unveiled on the 13th of May,but does anybody know when the shirt will be actually available to buy in the shops?? Y.N.W.A Jft96.

    1. the shirt will be available at the liverpool store on the 11th of june and then it will be avaibale on the 12th at liverpool one. i assume tht it will be on sale everywhere else on the 13th.

  33. shirt is rubbish !!! come on united, its out title again…..number 18 we are level with arsenal…
    the shirt looks like somebody vomited it out !!

  34. well, I that about wraps up all the waiting and speculation, the new away is indeed what we thought it would be.
    those who still do not believe, please proceed to the official liverpool club website ; for further confirmation.
    Black and gold it is, and darn nice it is too.
    Now could all those Daft Man Ure fans who have nothing better to add, kindly GET LOST!!! and let the rest of us discuss things in peace,…..thanks.
    Cheers all out there.
    You’ll never walk alone


  35. Best away kit ever. I hated the last season’s grey kit. This kit is the type of kit that I was expecting to see torres and gerrard rock the premier league in. well done designer GREAT KIT

  36. maxwell, Get Lost!!!!. If you’ve got nothing better to say, please, we don’t want to hear it. If you’re not a liverpool fan with nothing good to say, you’re NOT welcome here………
    Go back into the dark hole you just came out from.
    think up something worthwhile and constructive, then get back to us, alright!!


  37. just to ask, those of you in liverpool, who visit the reds superstore in the city centre, could you find out if the shirt is on the racks, and if not, when??
    I’m planning on dropping into liverpool in a few days time, would be good to know ahead of hand.
    much obliged


  38. Pathetic jersey, same like its club. Yucks..eeks…it gives me the creeps. Man-United forever. This club has an empty trophy cupboard…for like 20 years not winning a title. Haiz, history repeats this season. 😀 Liverpool WAS godlike..but look at the present and not the PAST.

  39. Anti-Liverpool, this away kit is better than any Man U scum shirts that will ever come out. The proposed kit for them is uglier than Ferdinand, Rooney and yourself put together, and the are VERY ugly.

    Nicest away kit liverpol have ever had IMO, and probably the nicest since the Reebok gold Champion’s League shirt in 05/06. With this awesome jersey and the apparent €20 million club record transfer this summer, we’ll win the title easily. Eat my dust Anti-Liverpool + all Man, U stink supporters.


  40. Can someone please find out what the new liverpool euro away looks like, or might look like so we all can start a new discussion……

  41. can someone pls find out what the new liverpool euro shirt is gonna look like so we can start a new discussion…..thanx

    MAN UTD jersey this year is really bad!
    look like practice jerseys.

    without ronaldo they are going to suck really bad! hahaha
    suck on it man utd!!!! liver pool all the way

    heres the website for all the jersey kits :)

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