Video Footage Of 1902 Merseyside Derby


Monday’s Merseyside derby is the 209th time Liverpool will have battled Everton. As usual, there’s a lot at stake for the match and it isn’t just bragging rights on Merseyside. Liverpool need a win to regain the top position in the table, while Everton need a win to edge closer to European qualification.

The first Merseyside derby was played in 1894. Amazingly, there is footage of the derby from 1902. Read the fascinating story about the match as well as how the footage was discovered in an article by the Liverpool Echo.

Despite the video quality being poor, you can still catch a lot of the action from the 1902 derby by watching the video below. It’s also interesting to see how Goodison Park looked more than a hundred years ago and how little it has changed.


2 thoughts on “Video Footage Of 1902 Merseyside Derby”

  1. Wow that footage is classic. You can almost get a sense of how much the game we know today is so different from years gone by. I dont know about you but there was almost a sense of fluid football. I havent seen that in the modern era since Seria A in the 80's to the mid 90's. Yes, and Goodison hasn't changed that much. I guess its a museum of sorts. But nice to see the ancestors playing great football. Nice retro clothing from the supporters as well. Sherlocks holmes like clothing right out of the Victorian Era. Awesome, great stuff!

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