Liverpool Rescue Draw Against Atletico Madrid After Phantom Penalty


When Steven Gerrard collided with Atletico Madrid’s Mariano Pernia in the third minute of injury time at Anfield Tuesday night, was Swedish referee Martin Hansen’s decision to award a penalty influenced by the deafening cry from The Kop? Or was it to compensate for the incident that Hansen failed to call in the first half when an Atletico player handled the ball?

The shock decision by Hansen to award the penalty resulted in Gerrard stepping up to score to make it 1-1 for both sides.

The controversial decision and resulting goal were a cruel blow for Atletico who deserved to hold on for a win in this match. But it was Gerrard’s decision to fling himself at the ball knowing that Pernia was going to collide with him that earned Liverpool the penalty. If you watch Pernia on replay, he kept his eye on the ball until the last split second where he saw Gerrard flying in at him. The ricochet from the bodies sent Gerrard tumbling to the ground, and Hansen pointed to the spot.

Was the penalty a poor decision, or did you see something that I missed? Add your feedback by clicking the comments link below.

15 thoughts on “Liverpool Rescue Draw Against Atletico Madrid After Phantom Penalty”

  1. Terrible decision from the ref. Gerard is a diver of the highest order.

    Cue the excuses why he's better than Ronaldo, even though he dives easily as much, if not more

    Cue “Gaffer hates Liverpool” whines.



  3. I for one think it was a good call by the ref.

    If the ball is on the ground, the attacker gets a touch and the defender only makes contact with the attacker, you'd call that a penalty.

    The same rules apply when the ball is in the air.

    If you say that challenge is fair, then why try to play the ball? Just bundle over the attacker while the attacker is heading the ball.

    And to say it's a dive is just plain wrong. I encourage anyone to ask a co-worker to shove them in the back when they are running at full speed and jumping in the air. If that causes you to fall over – DIVE!!!

    For the record, Boro supporter here with no great love of the Scousers.

  4. Diabolical decision by the ref or linesman…whatever. I will hardly call Gerald a diver based on this evidence. One thing for sure, Atletico were robbed of their hard won point by poor, poor decision.

  5. I dont think it matters either way, both teams will go through. Marseille and PSV are 5 points off of both 'Pool and Madrid (3 points for the former two, 8 points for the latter).

  6. I wanted Liverpool to tie the game, but I was disappointed in the penalty. I hate seeing games decided by questionable penalties.

    I wouldn't call it a “phantom” penalty, there was obvious contact, but I didn't think Gerrard had control of the ball when they collided. It looked like a 50/50 ball, and both players went for it. The penalty was very harsh.

  7. Not the greatest call, but the ref missed an obvious handball earlier in the game. Things happen like that all the time in football, but I think this was about as close to a makeup call as you'll see. Don't think it matters much now – Liverpool and Madrid SHOULD both move on to the final 16. If PSV had taken care of business against Marseille THEN it would have made that call much harder to swallow for Madrid, but since both teams are sitting comfortably in the top two spots, I think it's a moot point now.

  8. Yet another phantom penalty won by the diving Gerrard. He does this yet everone jumps on Drogba's back (rightfully so). Gerrard is just a bad diver as Drogba is and should be ashamed for that shameful dive but I'm sure he isnt.

  9. Gerard did not dive you morons. There was definitely contact, and he sold it, he did not go to ground with no contact. If any of you think for one moment that Gerard is anywhere near the diver Drogba and Ronaldo is you are purely ignorant. I don't condone diving, but this was a case of desperate theatrics not diving. I don't think it was a penalty and that is not Gerard's fault, I can hardly blame him for flailing his arms when he felt CONTACT, that is a natural response that every footballer has. You guys are idiots. He might do something like this once every two or three months. Drogba and Ronaldo do this every week(Ok not so much Drogba anymore), but ronaldo does this every week. The big difference here would be that if it was Ronaldo, he would have rolled on the ground waiting for the physios only to get up five minutes later to take the penalty. You morons cannot deny that there was contact, and that gerard was in mid air. Making a meal out of some contact-yes, diving-definitely not.

  10. To say that Gerrard is just as bad as Ronaldo if not worse is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard.Yes, I'm a Liverpool supporter and yes I wanted them to score the equaliser, but I was also disappointed in the decision.I would have wanted them to equalise in better circumstances.i do believe Gerrard exaggerated the fall but contact was made and like he says, if that had occured anywhere else on the pitch it would have been a free kick.
    Ronaldo does a swan dive everytime a defender breathes on him, week in and week out.To compare the two players is not just one big fat joke and such an obvious and typical remark by a United supporter.

  11. do u know what i find so amusing from the liverpool fans after the atletico game? they keep saying its a penalty becuz there was alot of contact. well of course theres alot of contact. becuz it was gerrard who made the big jump towards the atletico player knowing they were gonna collide and win a penalty! gerrard is not just a cheating scum of a diver. but also a hypocrite too. liverpool have no rights to talk about diving ever again.

  12. Pure ignorance Andy. Gerard was first to the ball ,and won the ball. He was hit in mid air. Because we didn't lose like you were hoping, doesn't make it a dive.

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