Joe Kinnear's Newcastle United Press Conference: Audio


We have the audio of Joe Kinnear’s unbelievable tirade against journalists from yesterday’s Newcastle United press conference. If this isn’t a sign of a club in serious trouble, I don’t know what is.

What was Mike Ashley and Dennis Wise thinking about hiring Kinnear who obviously isn’t able to handle the pressure?

Newcastle Manager Joe Kinnear swears 52 times after being incensed at some of the newspaper headlines and coverage about him.


10 thoughts on “Joe Kinnear's Newcastle United Press Conference: Audio”

  1. Wow – not the best way to endear himself to the press, they will be baying for him now. A strange appointment just go even stranger…

  2. Perhaps Kinnear is trying to instill an US vs. THEM mentality at the club in the hope that it will pull the team together and turn things around.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Should be fun to watch.

  3. It's a classic deflection of pressure from the players/performances to the manager
    Geordie fans, who have a proud working class background will be lapping this up and will get behind the manager and the team after this.
    Something had to change at St James Park and change quickly and this has done it for them…I will be putting a few quid on an away win at goodison park this weekend
    He has shown a bit of passion and stood up to the gutter press in that interview and I bet the majority of geordie fans will be right behind him (unless the team gets their asses handed to them on a plate on Sunday from a team that were muck in Europe yesterday and have a manager who won't sign a contract and is obviously looking for a way out)
    Put a tenner on the away win on Sunday!

  4. I love it. The Press in England is only interested in “creating” conflict and I think Joe knows exactly what he's doing. The criticism from the press is because finally someone is standing up to them and saying basically “F'You, I'm going to do what I want and could give a toss about anything you think or write.” I agree with Joe despite the language.

    And by the way, look at that comeback against Everton. Takes character to come from 2 down. I love it!

  5. The media are pricks… total pricks… leave the fella alone…
    total dick heads… they care about nothing but bullshit news…

  6. Anyone know where I can hear this without the bleeps. Good on Joe, loads of Manager's would love to have the bottle to say half of this to the press without fear of there paymasters/chairman.

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