Hicks Involved In Liverpool Hotel Disturbance After Win Against United


Alex Hicks, the son of Liverpool FC co-owner Tom Hicks, was embroiled in a hotel disturbance Sunday morning when one of his bodyguards was arrested after allegedly punching a hotel security guard.

According to The Times, it’s understood that the “fracas revolved around Alex Hicks and his group of friends, who were staying at the hotel. Sources said that a room service tray was hurled from one of the top floors of the four-star Grade II-listed building and landed on Harrington Street, which prompted the hotel’s security team into action.”

Ironically, the hotel where the incident happened is aptly named, “A Hard Day’s Night,” a four-star Beatles-themed establishment.

The last time Liverpool played Manchester United at Anfield, Hicks’s son again stole the headlines when he proposed to his girlfriend Portia Tuma in the centre circle the day before the match.

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