Dimitar Berbatov Wearing Man United Shirt


Many Manchester United fans have been waiting for the day to see Berbatov wearing a Man United shirt, and here it is. Talk about a sheepish grin. The lad must be counting in his head how much money he’ll be making each week and what he plans on spending it on.

8 thoughts on “Dimitar Berbatov Wearing Man United Shirt”

  1. Uggh. I wanted this transfer to go through as much as anyone, but – man! – he looks horrible in that red shirt. They should have shot him in the new white kit.

  2. lol…boardroom picture…not exactly the most flattering of backgrounds
    I bet you will change your tune when the pic is of him celebrating a goalwith Old Trafford in the background.
    Great piece of business from SAF yet again…well worth the money, he rarely gets them wrong.Or will he be another Gary Birtles
    YIKES!!! Remember the days of GB and Peter Davenport!! Ahhh those were the days, the odd FA cup win and a Milk Cup final appearance…LOL

  3. I’m in a bit of shock, and people are right that the color is all wrong for him, but the most difficult is to see him smiling after so many seasons of the deep slavic expressionless visage. I think I know now why he does not want to make his celebrations public. This is an awful representation of the man.

  4. the best transfer of the season,Barbatov to manunited.C Ronaldo,Roney,Tevez,Manuche and now Berbatov.the world awaites the best attacking force in football history.let waite for how much goals will be score

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