How to Watch the Best Premier League Game of the Day


Does the following situation sound at all familiar?

You record a bunch of Premier League games on a Saturday and Sunday because you’re too busy (or too asleep) to watch the games live.  You avoid the results.  You find some time later in the day to watch one or two of the games you’ve recorded.  You sometimes end up watching a sucky game – a 0-0 draw for instance.  You look at the other results and realise that you had a much better game sitting on your recorder unwatched.

If you’re nodding you’re head right now, I created the website that will come to your rescue. has a page that will give you a rating for each Premier League game, calculated just after the game is finished.  You can use this rating to decide which of the recorded games to watch.  You can go to safe in the knowledge that you won’t find out any scores from the games – just the ratings.

For example, you may think that Arsenal v Newcastle is going to be the pick of the games this Saturday.  But you take a look on the site and see that it only got 5/10, and against all odds, West Ham v Blackburn was rated as an 8.  As long as you recorded both games, you can switch your plans and watch the thriller from Upton Park.

This is just the first feature of the site that I’m developing.  In the future it will feature innovative news delivery, stats like you’ve never seen, and something special that will make betting on the games more enjoyable – less work and better decisions.  Sign-up for the newsletter on the site to be the first to hear about new features and get invite-only access to new parts of the site.


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