Play Football Manager: 1982 Sinclair ZX Spectrum Version


If you want to take a walk down memory lane or you’re interested in seeing what all of the fuss is about, you can now play an online version of the original Football Manager game.

This revolutionary game runs on an online emulator so it looks, feels and plays like the 1982 version of the game on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. The game was programmed by Kevin Toms, who was interviewed in an early episode of the EPL Talk Podcast.

One of the reasons why the game is so beloved is because it’s so simple to play and to understand.

Enjoy the game.

4 thoughts on “Play Football Manager: 1982 Sinclair ZX Spectrum Version”

  1. For some reason, I’m always able to buy and sell Kevin Keegan in the same day for a profit. I don’t know if there’s a punch line in that, but here’s hoping.

  2. I used to play this game when I was a kid. I remember a mate of mine nicked off school and came round my house to play it when I was ill one time. It’s a top game, there’s something about it. I remember it was written in BASIC.

  3. It was written in basic, and you could break it running during the matches. If you did “goto 300” the team shooting to the left would get a shot, and ‘goto 400’ the team to the right, so cheat your way to victory! Great game and thanks for making it available.

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