New Newcastle United Third Shirt For 2008/2009 Season

new newcastle third shirt New Newcastle United Third Shirt For 2008/2009 Season

The new Newcastle United third shirt for the 2008/2009 season has been unveiled, and it’s silver with a white trim. Designed by Adidas and sponsored by Northern Rock, the shirt will be worn today (August 9th) for the first time in a friendly against Valencia.

Silver shirts are quite rare in football. So, what’s your opinion about the new Newcastle shirt? Share your feedback by clicking the comments link below.

Thanks to Football Shirts for the tip about the shirt.

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16 Responses to New Newcastle United Third Shirt For 2008/2009 Season

  1. Bandwarmy says:

    Not bad at all. Something different. I prefer it over the purple away kit!

  2. Proper Fan says:

    unusual in that we have had three silver shirts since the 80s?

  3. Tore Torell says:

    That was a cool jersey! I’m buying one straight away ;-)

  4. azza says:

    id rather have the old greenalls yellow and green stripes lol

  5. Lonnie says:

    It is better than that purple number but that’s not saying much ! :)

  6. dave from blyth says:

    newcaste away strip rubbish but still better than sunderlands first strip
    silver one okay

  7. gu says:

    i'm your fan from GEORGIA!!!

  8. kevin says:

    i think its fab better than every other shirt in the premierleague

  9. KIN says:

    nice actually…better than last time!!!

  10. Haway Blyth says:

    I’m not a fan of having the adidas logo in the middle then the badge on the left. Line them up like on the home shirt! Or put Adidas on the right. I think the clubs have too little say in kit design now.

  11. topman says:

    very unusual to have a silver top in the championship

  12. monte mcindoe says:

    rare as a newcastle win.

  13. riko says:

    ayo new semangat lah pada mlm ini lawan qpr… QPR gx ada apa” ny dibanding kan newcstle… new lbh hebat byk dri pda QPR…plg gx mlm ini score ft ny 5-0…..
    tunjukan kehebatan u new tunjukan semangat mu pda mlm hri in… tunjukan kebolehan u …. biar mereka tau klw new adlh yg terbaek…… TERBAEK//…


  14. riko says:

    ayoooooooooooooooooooo munich tunjukan kebolehan u di champions… biar mrk tau klw qm yg terbaek pda mlm ini ……..

  15. riko says:

    chelsea mna kemampuan u,…. tunjukan pada mrk yg meremeh kan chelsea itu gx ada apa” ny …. tunjukan kehebatan u pada mlm ini klw chelsea yg TERBAEK..
    gue yakin chelsea gx mengecewan kan aku … gw ykin klw chelsea mlm ini lawan apoel.. pst WIN…. ft : plg gx 3 / 4 – 0 …… chelsea adalah yg terbaek…

    CHELSEA YANG TERBAEKN TERHEBAT………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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