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Ronaldo Transfer Saga Creates Unlikely Heroes

glazer family Ronaldo Transfer Saga Creates Unlikely Heroes

Imagine how many hundreds of thousands of words were wasted discussing the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo moving from Man United to Real Madrid this summer. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the word count went into the millions as the story was the biggest tease from June through August.

While the episode appears to be over and Ronaldo has admitted to the Portugese press that he’ll be at Manchester United this season, very little has been mentioned about the unsung heroes at Old Trafford and that’s the Glazer family.

The American owners could have easily taken the money and run. The transfer fee would have been enormous. The player would have been pleased to leave, and many fans would have said good riddance. Despite this, the Glazers stood firm and refused to allow the player to leave, focusing on the player’s contract and even going against the wishes of FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

Manchester United and the Premier League are better places for having Ronaldo stay, and all credit needs to go to the Glazer family.

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5 Responses to Ronaldo Transfer Saga Creates Unlikely Heroes

  1. Steve the Cabbie says:

    Good on them, i’m not even remotely a united fan, in fact there a team i love to hate. That said it’s time that players learnt to respect their contracts, Ronaldo’s contract would not have been nearly so lucrative had he signed for 1 year. Sepp Blatters comments as to slavery were so out of touch it was ridiculous. We’re all slaves to our jobs but i’d sure as hell rather be a multi millionaire slave than a 2ok a year one. Lets hope the Glazers have set a precedent that other clubs will follow. Transfer dealings should be kept under a veil of secrecy, if a bid is made the player only needs to know about it if his club accepts it. Clubs should be heavily punished for any leaks to the press, if it can’t be decided where the leak came from punish both clubs. We the fans have had enough of the players and the press calling the shots.

  2. Great point Gaffer. Man Utd could probably have taken the money for Ronaldo, not spent a penny on a replacement, and still comfortably finish second in the Prem and have a decent CL season (say, Q-Finals).

    This says Man Utd aren’t content with #2, not content with Q-Finals, even when the carrot is the write-down a good portion of their well-publicized debt.

  3. JLay says:

    As a United fan, I wish that we’d sold the little tart – 70-80m could buy several quality young players, ands we’re in desparate need of a couple of good, finishing strikers and a decent right back. If we could’ve insisted on Ramos and come away with an extra 50-60m to spend on Huntelaar, Berba, and maybe Nasri, it would’ve been a coup!

    That said, you’re right Gaff – I salute the Glazers and SAF for standing firm and making Cristy fulfill his contract. I was hoping to see SAF put his foot down and bench him for the next 4 years. He could’ve been the FIFA reserve squad player of the year in 2009! =)

    The fact remains, until we have better finishing options, we’re better off with CR7 on the field. He singlehandedly won several games for us (though he almost lost us the CL), and we don’t have anyone that can step in and take over yet.

  4. eplnfl says:

    Very nice piece. American ownership not that bad after all?

  5. Brian says:

    It’s also important to remember that if Ronaldo can keep up his form from last season then his on the pitch performance will be worth a lot more than any transfer fee (provided he honors his contract and this whole thing doesn’t start again next summer).

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