Karthik's Pick – 10 Young Sizzling Transfers

Ok… with the premiership all ready to kick off, here are my picks for the best young stars that have made a transfer this summer who are going to keep us glued to the TV and YouTube and all the football boards including this one. Carlos VelaNot quite the finished article yet, but under the tutelage of Wenger, I can see Vela blossoming into one of the most feared forwards in the world. He is obviously not going to dislodge Adebayor, but Bendtner might have to make a move up fast if he wants to keep the prodigious Mexican restricted to the Arsenal’s FA cup side. I cant see that happen and Vela will have a run in the Arsenal first team at-least until Eduardo regains his fitness and form. He shows great composure and anticipation in front of goal and has a lethal finish. He has the ability to score the kind of goals that can completely deflate the opposition morale. Also he seems keen to impress.Samir NasriExit Alex Hleb 1.0 – Enter the new and improved Hleb 2.0.  Oh I like everything about this fellow.  Nasri is fast, creative, dribbles well, and looks hungry for the ball at all times. He looks every bit the product of “The Wenger factory for beautiful football” and would fit right into the Arsenal midfield. I am tipping him to light up the premiership with some out of the world performances. Nasri unlike Vela must start most games. He oozes class and style and may just be the extra something that the young Arsenal side need to lift the premiership this time. Arsenal for the title this time then?? I have to tell u, this side looks good.Brad GuzanI wish he plays more than Friedel for Villa. This guy is 23 (middle aged for the average Arsenal fan but a fledgling in the Goalkeeping world) and he is ready. Believe me, he is one of the best keepers in the world now but is severely undervalued. Give him a half decent defence and he can shut out best teams in the world. His anticipation and reflexes are extremely high for his age and he shows an excellent reading of the game. Villa have nicked a gem from the USA and I hope they can keep him. Even if he has to play deputy to Friedel this season he will be Villa’s number one next season.Carlos VillanuevaHe hasn’t faced defenses of Prem league standard yet nor has he played in Europe before. Villanueva has a lot of learning to do this season. He might struggle at the start of the season but as they say in cricket “form is temporary, class is permanent”. He can dribble, finish and take free kicks. Put him on the other side of Morten Gamst Pedersen of 2 seasons ago and you have one of the best wide playing teams in the world. I tip him to make a big impact towards the second half of the season and Blackburn will buy him in the end. Does Paul Ince know how to use him?? I don’t know- it may easily follow the lines of the story of Tevez and Mascherano at West Ham.David Ngog1.5 Million pounds?? you have to be kidding me.. Rafa has seems to have finally got one of his budget signings right. This kid is going to have limited chances. He is going to play second fiddle to Kuyt but come on.. just look at him play. He is a player on top form now and seems to instinctively know where the goal is. He has a bad scoring record for PSG but hey he played in a team that barely stayed in top flight in France last season. Somewhere Wenger must be going “He’s young and he is French and he is good?? how the *!#$% did I miss him”. I tip him for 8 starts and 10 subs this season but he will make his mark with those apprarances. For those sceptics who think he wont play so much – Hello!! he plays for Rafa’s Liverpool!! – of course they will rotate players..JoHe has set Manchester city back by 19 Million pounds but for good reason. This guy looks like an out and out goal scorer. He doesnt seem to be the guy who dominates play but looks like the one that annoyingly finishes them. He will irritate, he will look pedestrian at times, he will miss some sitters but he will also score crucial goals and some of them will take our breath away. 15 goals this season – no less but something tells me he will score more. One more world class midfielder who can compliment Elano and Jo will make a Man City a real threat this coming season, that is, if Hughes can make it work together.Marvin EmnesFinally.. Boro boast a speedy winger. I havent seen too much of him yet but I think will see him quite a bit this season. I tip him to start on the right for most games and will flourish this season as Boro have 2 very good forwards in Tuncay and Alves. A lot of assists and a big money move to a big club at the end of the season. I cant believe he was available for 3.2 million pounds. Will Gareth Southgate use him well?? (By which I mean will he entertain more creativity and attacking verve that might finally take the burden off a creaking defence??).. well the jury is still out on that. I hope Emnes doesnt become a victim of Southgate’s well know naivete.Didier DigardBig strong centre half who can also play in the middle as a holding midfielder. He will have a lot of starts and will fill in for George Boateng right away. I’ve put him in here cause he will have a huge influence on what happens to Boro this season. He has the potential to be the anchor that can steady the Boro ship that floated around like it was being steered by a drunken Captain Ahab. I call him a steal at 4 million. and he is gonna be the one that harpoons Southgate’s Moby Dick. (Was it Tashtego that harpooned Moby?? I cant remember..)Valon BehramiOk.. he is 23.. not so young, but he will sizzle on the right side. He looks like a rock star with the confident manner and the beautiful Italian model girlfriend and dangerously looks like another possible causality of the London night scene but what the hell do I know. He did really well for the Swiss in the Euros and he has been brought in to kick out Ljungberg and do what he was supposed to do. They look like very similar players – Ljungberg (of 3 years ago) and Behrami and I reckon Behrami will do what Ljungberg was supposed to do better than him. I think West Ham have a great chance this season and look like outside challengers for the top 4 but can the Hammers keep him off the Injury table and also protect him from Craig Bellamy??Giovanni Dos SantosI gotta do this carefully, I’ve been accused of being partial to the Spurs in my first post but just look at this guy!! How Spurs stole him away from Barca I will never know. He has already shown what he can do last season in the Primera Liga and in the preseason games. I will do magic on the field and he will keep improving as the season goes. He is right up there on level with Berbatov, but will it be the same story again that the rest of the spurs team cant play to their level?? Dos Santos excites me, he is a star in the making. 15 goals this season.I know I’ve missed quite a few here but with good reason – Wilshire (wont play except in FA cup) , Walcott(not a new transfer), etc; let me know if I’ve missed someone. Could be an interesting discussion that one..


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