GolTV Removed From DISH Network


As of August 1, GolTV – the 24/7 soccer network – has been removed from DISH Network due to a contract dispute.

According to GolTV, “this occurs despite efforts to continue GolTV’s availability to Dish customers.” DISH Network, in retort, inserted this message when you hit the INFO button where GolTV’s channel used to be: “GolTV has removed this channel after asking for unreasonable terms to renew the contract and we’re working to solve the problem.”

In the meantime, DISH Network is offering free previews of both Setanta Sports and Fox Sports Espanol to its customers. However, even if DISH Network customers subscribed to Setanta and Fox Sports Espanol, that won’t replace the void that’s left with GolTV gone because GolTV has exclusive license rights in the United States to La Liga and Bundesliga, as well as many 2010 World Cup qualifiers and this weekend’s Emirates Cup featuring Real Madrid, Hamburg, Juventus and Arsenal.

For DISH Network, the decision to remove GolTV is idiotic. Hopefully this a short-term disagreement between GolTV and DISH Network that will be resolved soon, but the timing couldn’t be worse and soccer fans will want to make a decision soon whether to leave DISH Network before the new seasons begin. My gut instinct says that this issue won’t be resolved soon especially when GolTV tells readers on its homepage that “You can find GolTV on our current distribution partners,” which includes DirecTV.

If you love GolTV, my recommendation would be to simply cancel your DISH Network subscription and move to DirecTV where you get GolTV there instead. If you’re upset about the situtation, vote with your dollars by leaving DISH but don’t forget to send them an e-mail too to let them know why you’re cancelling and moving to their biggest competitor.

DISH Network can be contacted here.

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  1. Switching service is a pretty drastic recommendation, at least at this stage. To do so would likely involve paying early termination fees on a Dish contract, as well as installation fees on a DirecTV dish.

    This is particularly true since these kinds of situations are relatively common with niche networks. Since the face of these negotiations is the provider (that is, people do not interface with GolTV directly, only through their provider), this is one way of trying to redirect the customers ire onto Gol rather than Dish. I think it is likely that it will be resolved, as is common in these types of situation.

    Who is right here? I have no idea as I do not have any information about what GolTV’s demands are, or if they are reasonable or not. Maybe Dish is to blame, maybe GolTV. I have no stake in the matter.

    However, I would council patience, rather than immediately switching service. If the negotiations are not resolved, then switching service might be the best option. In the meantime, however, it is likely a costly overreaction to industry negotiation.

    1. You’d be suprise how accommodating a company can be if they know you are willing to drop one network for another. Explain to Direct TV that you are considering switching from Dish Network to them and ask them what can you do for me and see what happens…

  2. At least I was able to watch the Emirates cup game Arsenal v Juve, today on Goltv Canada.
    It was strange to see Fox Sports where Goltv was on Dishnet??? Hopefully Goltv will still be on Expressvu in Canada.

  3. A source inside GolTV told me the dispute is that DISH wants to lower the per subscriber fee, but GolTV doesn’t want to give their product away for practically next to nothing.

    The Gaffer

  4. This is so bad. Now in the begining of the season La Liga and Bundesliga. I thing Gol TV is right and i blame Dish Network. GOL TV has no problem with any of the other providers. Dish Network removed VOOM chanels too without any warnings. I am giving them one week to solve the problem, if not i will cancel them.

  5. Totally unacceptable. At least it’s still pre-season… Hopefully the issue is resolved before the start of the season… Which is actually very soon considering ze Germans start early.

    God I hope I don’t have to settle for Fox Sports en Espanol. I hate Fox…

  6. I dunno who’s fault it is but my wife and I have already discussed switching from Dish to Direct, regardless of a penalty fee that we have to pay. I do think that it will be resolved though.

  7. Lady’s and Gentleman I am in a state of shock,in two weeks the German Bundesliga opens,they better do something!!!!!!!!!I will switch !!!I called ,E-mailed and went on the live chat with dishnetwork,but the guys don’t reallyknow anything.They told me about the other sports channels that show soccer. They better go to work and solve this problem!!!!!!!!!

  8. I just called Dish Network and they seemed confident that at the end of the month everything will be resolved and Goltv will be back into programing with them, and if that will not will be the case they will make an announcement to that effect.

    Obviously they recommend to watch other “similar” channels (what do they know about the Liga or the Bundesliga) of course they don’t want you to switch to other provider and were surprised to know that Goltv has recommend just that.

    They don’t seem to have a clue of what Goltv aficionados are capable of doing. Switching may be in order.

  9. I subscribe to AT250 or whatever it is called these days, and do not see Setanta, just FSE on free preview. Do I have to call in to get Setanta free preview?


  10. Dish and Gol tv got to resolve this issue before the season starts or esle there will be an unprecedented massive switching to direct tv

  11. I hope JuanBen’s right because I’ve already looked into switching over to Direct and I can afford the early cancellation fee. Of course I’d rather not pay it, but will if both Dish and GolTV don’t come to some sort of agreement.

  12. I am so glad, that this channel was removed, any way if you look on dish latino package, almost every channel includes soccer, jeje, forget about Goltv, I am sure they will replace it for something better, best regards, jeje.

  13. “BRANDO” U can KISS MY ASS… U definitely are not a soccer fan 4 sure cuz u have no clue of what’s at stake here… Ur probably into Martha Stewart and bowling for all I care LMAO. So shut ur F*#ING mouth and go watch whatever it is that u watch. MOVING ON…

    I am definitely switching to either DirecTV or Verizon FIOS if this is not resolved in a month at the latest. I’m glad that I didn’t sign a new 2-year contract a few months back because I was tempted to get their HD package mainly for the “World Sport HD” channel which showed Spanish soccer in “HD GLORY” Dish decided to REMOVE that channel and other Voom Channels just to bring some other lame ass channels including “WFNHD – World Fishing Network HD” ***YO BRANDO I GUESS THIS IS WHAT U WATCH, HUH*** And now they are taking away GolTV… WTF

    I have been a loyal Dish customer since they first came out ??? 1997 I think, so this is the first time that they are really pissing me off, so watch out dish because I am not the only one you will be losing.

  14. Some additional notes regarding the disagreement between DISH Network and GolTV:

    * Price — Kagan Associates estimates GolTV’s average monthly subscriber fee at six cents –is evidently at the center of the dispute.

    * Dish Network also this weekend began offering DishLatino customers a 60-day free preview of Setanta Sports on channel 406.

    * Dish Network is also providing a free preview of Fox Sports en Español for customers subscribing to America’s Top 250 (DishLatino customers already receive this channel).

    The Gaffer

  15. I”m keeping my fingers crossed that someday Direct TV and Dish network will merge so all this BS will end. The people that run Dish network are cheap as hell and they always seem to play hardball with programmers and the cost of certain channels. But it seems thay have no problem adding shopping channels which they get a peice of the action. When will congress and the courts allow people to pick the channels they want to see and eliminate the useless ones like shopping channels.

  16. Why can’t they give AT 250 subscribers free Setanta preview as well? Why FSW en espanol? We want english channel, otherwise we would have been subscribing to Dish Latino.
    I hope GolTV is back, because none of the channels they suggesting to us have La Liga & Bundesliga games.

  17. Our dish service stops tonight at midnight, and direcTV will be out tomorrow to install all our equipment. It is 13 dollars/month remaining on your contract to cancel, which is awesome because our DirecTV bill will be 64.00/month for the first 4 months. Compared to our dish bill, we will recoup the money for cancelling in the first 4 months, and after our bill is still only 84/month compared to 110 with dish. F U Dish, and i would encourage everybody else to switch as well. We have goltv now as well as Speed in hdtv, i’m so happy.

  18. Verge, since one of the employee of Dish Network told me this morning in the phone the PERMANENT EXCLUSION of Goltv,  I followed your steps. I called Direct TV, I closed the deal and they will be in my hourse this Wednesday morning installing their system.

    They will replace the dish and the receiver only, the rest of the instalation will remain the same. Another good thing is that I will save $8 a month.

  19. I have started a calling spree among my friends to get them to call in to restore GolTV and threaten to switch if it doesn’t happen. I hope all of you who have switched gave the GolTV cancellation as the reason for switching. I will check whether I have a 2 year agreement and may switch even if I do, but if I don’t Dish will have one less customer ASAP. I thing all GolTV watchers should call in and let them know what’s at stake, for 6 measly cents per suscriber they will have thousands less in revenue. I guess the Echostar people don’t really know anything about soccer!!

  20. Brando this blog is for true soccer fans and GolTV is the only channel that offers Bundesliga and La Liga programming. So you probably cannot understand our uproar. Probably if they removed Gay TV you’d be more upset.

  21. Last night I watched the programming in place of GoalTV and they had Mexican wrestling. If I wanted to see that I would have watched nacho liebre.

  22. If they are smart, they will resolve this before La Liga and Bundesliga start. Lot of people I know are talking about switching to Direct. I’m kind of wanting to wait another week, see what happens. But damn man.

  23. When I’m home I can’t help but check every 5 minutes to see if GolTV is back. I’m giving Dish until the end of the month just because it will cost me a bunch and I’ll have to get rid of my HD DVR which has a ton of shows I haven’t watched. But there’s nothing like a cold winter weekend with Bundesliga and La Liga on.

  24. I just called dish network, and told them, that if they restore Goltv, I am going to switch to cable, I do not have cominment.

  25. “Brando” Dude if ur going to open ur mouth and talk about soccer AT THE VERY LEAST get ur facts right. It was my understanding that 93.15 million people watched the last super bowl compared to the last world cup which was watched by over 2 BILLION, i’d say that 1% of people like american football……. Enough Said then.

  26. I called dish and told them they have two weeks either Gol TV or I will cancell . About the cancellation fee, I will refuse to pay (will notify the Ameican Express in advance to not allow the charges), also will take Dish to small claims court for breach of contract (not providing Gol TV).. They are not going to show up in small claims court (lawyers not allowed)… and therefore they can not pass you as bad credit….

  27. I have only two months on my two years contract with Dish Network.
    I don’t understand why should I pay a penalty for switching to Direct TV. Dish Network is who is breaking the contract.
    Any way I will let them sue me and try to get me to pay for something that they offer but are not providing

  28. Hey folks. I watched today The Emirates Cup in Goltv at home, of course it was a replay, but still.

    The Direct TV people came this morning and replaced the Dish Network dish – they took the other one with them and left the Dish Network receiver suggesting I could sell if for $15 in Craig List. Not a bad idea at all, since Dish Network didn’t assume any responsibility for their own equipment.

    The new Direct TV system installed works great, more programing, better informational system, let me record games up to 100 hours and I didn’t have to pay a cent to Dish Network for canceling. Lucky me! I have to say, though, they try to bribe me upgrading the system for free so I could stay with them, but as I told to them “no Golttv no deal”. That was it.

    Good luck to you all!

  29. chingas a tu puta madre brando …….eres un pendejo it is called dish latino because they show football ( soccer like the faggots call it) of course you have no idea whats at stake here its goltv the best channel in the world……..la liga,budesliga,southamerican qualifiers,brazil,argentina, im gonna stop before i shed a tear……..so go fuck yourself brando
    PENDEJO get your translator and find out what that means……im switching in 2 weeks…….

  30. There is a lot of people who like soccer in United States. A lot of people came from other countries that love soccer. This will cause many people to switch to Direct tv. Why would I pay almost the same price to have dish when i can go to direct tv and have golt tv and all other channels. I recommend people do not pay early cancelation fee because if you ordered gol tv and dish network is no longer having it than they are in breach of the contract. thay better put gol tv on and to brando he feels treaten because soccer is getting popular in United States but he still has his oxygen channel.

  31. Just an update, if you like sports, DirecTV blows cable and dishnetwork away. The olympic coverage is amazing, i have watched every olympic soccer game on the nbc soccer channel, and they have a cool little program that centralizes all the channels. Their coverage of the pga championship was awesome as well. I cannot believe we ever signed up with dishnetwork.

  32. yep… im gonna have to play the waiting game, it sure sounds like dish is in breach of contract… but somewhere in the fine print i bet those bastards have it saying that programming can be canceled without notice thus them having the slight upper hand… yet, if they do not regain gol tv, they stand to lose a hell of a lot of customers from both latino and americas top 250 i can assure… no other carrier is having problems w/ gol tv may be your best argument should you choose to go to small claims court…. oh yeah one more thing… Better Business Bureau… light it up!!!

  33. I called Dish last week and the guy on the phone was no help. TOday I contacted them through their website. I will also try an e-mail. If we flood them, they will have to pay attention.

    I have my dish through AT&T with phone and internet, I was already going to get rid of our landline phone. If they don’t fix GolTV, AT&T may go too.

  34. Just talk to Dish on there live chat.That was a waste of time!!!There is no customer service anymore.The guys don’t know anything .I’m afraid I have to switch to Directv .The Bundesliga starts in three days and thats why I have Sat . TV

  35. A HUGE mistake by Dish obviously…I pay over 150 bucks a month and GOLTV is on almost constantly. My freinds are the same. We have all been calling and emailing Dish with bitter complaints. Today a “chat” representitive told me to wait for a “few weeks” before I changed. He explained that he could not be more definitive but that negotiations are ongoing. Like all of you my freinds and I are adamant about switching over,which sucks because I prefer the Dish system and remote etc….but I WILL change for the sake of getting GOLTV and once I change I will not return,ever. Anyone out there that can rate picture quality between the Dish and Direct?

  36. Dish network thinks that they wont be losing many customers just because of Gol TV… . But they are wrong… they will soon find out the millions of soccer fans in this country.
    I emailed and chatted with them… chatting ofcourse is useless other than letting them know that you will cancel and switch over to Direct TV. They are not of any help. Fox sports en espanol… huh…. all I see on that channel is woman in bikinis talking about lipo suction, massage creams etc….. couldnt they provide Setanta instead to the english customers….instead of only providing it to Latino subscribers… I am off dish in 2 weeks if Gol tv is not back on..

  37. I had DISH up until a year ago when I moved to Texas from Florida. Now I´m back to Miami but haven´t settled into a new house/apartment, so I don´t know if I will have satellite or cable. I have no contract issues, but there are other packages where I think DISH works better for me than DIRECT TV or COMCAST.
    I would be a shame to the DISH people if they are not able to bring back GOL TV. That will force me to get DIRECT TV, but from what I´m reading here, they are better than DISH.
    DISH did the same in the past with CENTROAMERICA TV, an entertaiment/news channel dedicated to central america. The channel couldn´t negotiate a new contract with DISH and they went to DIRECT TV. I was really upset with it back then. So, my feeling is… SO LONG GOL TV!


    I’m switching to direct tv because they went so far this time.

    I love to watch the real madrid or barcelona on Sundays but when i get home i found that there is not a real Soccer tv.

    I hope it dish gets better channels than direct tv in the future.

    but for now it time to enjoy DIRECTV.



  39. This is a note I just got from goaltv:

    Dear Jeff,

    With the recent Bundesliga kick off and upcoming launch of La Liga action on Aug. 31, we want to you to know that we don’t forsee reaching any compromise with Dish Network in the near future.

    Because we don’t want you to miss GolTV’s unmatched soccer action, we recommend selecting an alternate video service provider at this time. On our site at http://www.goltv.tv you will find a list of our Distribution partners.

    Sounds like we are screwed

  40. then why are they cheating us telling they are working to solve the problem? Millions on subscribers of dish arenot goning to see the spanish soccer?

  41. I recieved a very nice email from GOLTV saying that things do not look good between them and Dish.They also said they are gonna send a special thankyou gift to me after recieving my support for them. I went to BESTBUY today and they had a great offer going on to sign up with DirecTV. First 4 months around 50 bucks plus the NFL ticket, you`ve all seen the offer…now whats interesting here is I had just cancelled DirecTV about a year ago so I didn`t think I would be able to get the offer but I did and signed right up. The installer comes on Monday and I dump Dish on Tuesday!Check out the offer at BestBuy guys. I get everything and more on DirecTV and the tuner is free and installation also. Rather not have taken this course because I prefer Dish remote but I aint going without my GOLTV. Tsweet part of the deal is that my monthly bill will be about $45 lower than what I was paying Dish….those idiots at Dish!!!!

  42. Done,

    I am ready for “La liga”. Called Direct TV and next day at 8:00 am were already installing the Satellite. Forget Dish network…they are showing no respect for soccer fans. Iforgot, Direct tv are even cheaper.

  43. Just look at the info box on Channel 407. It says that the “free preview” for FoxSoccerEspanol will end on Wednesday and that people who want it should subscribe to the Latino package. What a bunch of crap. First we lose GolTv, and now it looks like they aren’t even going to let us keep this other channel. Unbelievable. Verizon FIOS is sounding better right now.

  44. Just chatted with a rep who told me that there will be nothing to replace Channel 407 with. For a few days, subscribers will be minus one channel. They don’t know what they are going to replace it with…probably another shopping channel…unbelievable.

  45. I had the same conversion on the 24th. I tired to get setanta for half price but no deal because its better than FSC but no deal. The Rep. said they feel that gol tv will come around because they are losing money. I told them everyone I know is just switching to direct tv. My Rep said that if you have top 200 or greater you will keep fox in espanol . they seem to change the story every damn day. Hell until i explained the situation the Rep. didn’t even know that the channel was gone.
    Only one month left on my agreement.
    hello direct tv and la liga.

  46. Well true to their word – GOLTV, and the free Fox Sports Espanol, is now gone from my top 250 package. I love how they give virtually no notice to current customers about any of this. I have well over a year left on my contract with them, otherwise I would change like many others . So ,I’m going to ride out the contract and then switch as soon as its financially viable. Screw Dish!!!

  47. Matt, I’m in the same position as you and am planning to the same thing, namely change over when it won’t cost me a bundle. In the mean time, I’m planning on filing a complaint with the BBB on DishNetwork because I feel they broke my contract first by eliminating my favorite channel and won’t let me get out without paying $200 first. I will also call my local NBC affiliate that works as a arbitrator when there are disagreements over contracts. Good Luck to you.

  48. Dave; I have seen in other posts the same path you plan to take but wonder if in the “small’ print in each of our contracts there isn’t an out for Dish with some legalize that allow them to change their channel line-up w/o notice or penalty. I haven’t gone over it w/ a fine tooth comb but I bet its in their somewhere. Good Luck to you also.

  49. 25004 here… just to let you know I wrote GOLTV about this issue and they basically said that they saw no solution to the problem and that the best way for me to enjoy GOLTV is to switch providers, now…

    I really love DISH Network and the DRV, menu, guides etc is all better on Dish than DirecTV, now the question is…

    Could I go for a year with watching La Liga on laggy streams on the net? I really don’t care about Bundesliga but La Liga is the best, so there is the question…

    Downgrade to DirecTV or Stream La Liga??

  50. GolTV gets more leverage in the negotiations as people start to drop Dish. This is why they are telling people to switch and giving them “gifts” as an incentive. The negotiations are ongoing……..

  51. GolTV also has to keep in mind that DishNetwork was the first big Sat provider to offer them when they started , they have to be able to recognize that. I remember both myself and my parents switched from Directtv to Dish years ago because of goltv offering LA LIGA

  52. They’ve just lost another. I just[ switched to DirecTV. I’ll miss this first weekend of La Liga but it’s better then nothing – thanks Dish Network!

  53. i already switched to directv and tomorrow im goint to watch real madrid’s game and barcelona’s game too………fuck you dish you people better cancel now………or you going to miss out alot of cool games………

  54. I have the biggest dilemma: Having Dish allows me to watch the German Package which includes the Bundesliga. I am finally able to watch the games in German. Their show Saturdays includes watching a conference of the 6 Saturday games as well as the Sunday show with a conference of the 2 games.
    It was the perfect solution for me. As a huge Bayern fan, I could conveniently watch their games live on Gol Tv and record the Bundesliga show simultaneously(even switch for the haltime show and of course all the highlights right after the game).
    Now I can’t even switch completely; otherwise the German package will be lost.
    I am forced to get something like Uverse and cut down DISH to a minimum.
    The second the German Package is available anywhere else, I will drop DISH. They just ignored soccer fans like us.

  55. Maybe a solution is going on, dish has dropped a message in his homepage, wich said that they did not seen an agreement near. Today I´ve found that the message was gone.

  56. I hope that negotiations will continue and DISH will restore GOAL TV channel soon. I primarily watch Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports but I do miss La Liga and Bundesliga a lot… I am truly hoping for a miracle…

  57. stop crying, you should be watching the presidential campaing, forget about goltv, IT’S GONE FOREVER, I feel sorry for you guys.

  58. If I dont get GOL TV this week, I am leaving those ass holes and going to DirectTv.

    They need to understand that I got them only because of GolTv.

  59. I called dish network and the person from them said that they knew of the problem and were working to bring back goltv. I asked for a timeframe and he did not give any. Maybe he is lying. Maybe they are actually trying to make it work.

  60. The problem with dish network is if any one wants to cancel the contract, he has to pay a canceling fee. I don't know how much . . !!!!

  61. I switched to FIOS and now I can get to watch my soccer games both on Fox and also GOL TV. I gave Dish 2 months to sought out the problem. I just swtiched it was a no briner. They are fine without me but I love my soccer

  62. Hi my name is Christian Rodriguez Roman and i have to tell that i am very upset and mad for cancelling my goltv chanel in my dish service.GOLTV was the only chanel i could see my my favorite leagues,cups and programs like the spain league,la copa del rey,bundes league,goltv news,ole la liga and bundes league magazine. PLEASE PLEASE put the contract back with gol tv and dish.You are my only hope to continue my fan spirit with my teams. HOPEFULY A GOLTV FAN

  63. Hello, there is no explanation about it, I called dish network so many times and never solve the problem and I am glad that I switch to DIRECTV just because GOLTV is the best soccer (futbol) channel ever .

  64. my family moved to direct tv but they are no longer showing GolTV…our package includes it and we had for about 3 months but it says its no longer available.

  65. I swithced to DirectTV for this reason. Nine months later I’m going back to Dish!!!! I love the LA LIGA but I can catch games online. It isn’t worth the crapy technology from DirecTV. 4 HD DVR Receivers in 9 months. 1 being bad – bad luck. 2 – just a coinicident. But 4????? Come on!!! I was with Dish for 4 years and not a single problem with my programming or service or receivers. Infact the only issue I had with them was the removal of GolTV. It’s hard. But my family is upset with me for changing in the first place. Now I’m eating crow and going back to Dish.

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