Bolton Unveils New Away Shirt For 2008/2009 Season

new-bolton-away-shirt.jpgBolton Wanderers have unveiled their new away shirt for the 2008/2009 season on their website. Designed and sponsored by Reebok, the new shirt is a mustard yellow color with navy blue trim.

The new Bolton away shirt features the same style as the home shirt. The shirt is available for pre-order via the club’s website and the shirt is scheduled to go on sale on August 14.

The use of the mustard yellow color makes the shirt look like a cross between a retro shirt and something a local schoolboy’s team would wear. What are your thoughts about the new Bolton away kit? Click the comments link below to share your feedback.

7 thoughts on “Bolton Unveils New Away Shirt For 2008/2009 Season”

  1. Yikes. I might have to watch EPL in black and white this year. There are some really ugly kits coming out. The color isn’t the problem in this case. That mustard yellow doesn’t really have much to do with Bolton though does it? Looks more like a Wolves kit to me.

  2. We had a similar coloured away strip a number of years ago but I don’t think that’s the worst part of the strip! It’s the design, as with the home strip, it’s rubbish, the different coloured “sports-bra” thing at the top is just wierd! Although i’m glad they’ve gone back to reebok rather than RBK…

  3. not only have we got one of the worst managers in the league, now are kits look like a bra worn the wrong way round! o the joys of being a bolton fan

  4. Whilst I agree the style is like a sports bra and will probably be the worst 2 kits in the Premiership,I do quite like the colours in the away strip.Have to say aswell BWFC are a bit cheeky bringing out 2 new kits in one season.What happened to the staggered system of a new kit every other year?I suppose we’ve become one of the”big boys” now!

  5. In future I think that the club should come up with three or four designs, and let the fans vote for the best.
    It’s us that buy them & wear with pride (& not just on match days).

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