BBC Five Live Radio Interview Tonight

premier-league-crowd.jpgGood news. I’m scheduled to be interviewed tonight at 9:20pm ET (2:20am GMT) on BBC Radio Five Live on the topic of EPL Talk’s free EPL travel guide. Dotun Adebayo, host of the World Football Phone-In Show, will be conducting the interview a few minutes before the phone-in show starts.Listen to the interview live on BBC Five Live.

9 thoughts on “BBC Five Live Radio Interview Tonight”

  1. Heard the show on Radio 5 Live. Chris you did a fantastic job. Have they asked you on with Tim and Andy as a regular guest yet? And did they pay you for your extended performance I wonder? Superb performance. Your detailed knowledge of the game was obvious.

  2. Thanks Lee for the kind words. I appreciate it.

    No word from Tim and Andy whether I can be a regular guest, but I’m sure that slot will remain with the excellent Sean Wheelock when he returns. Still, it was a fantastic experience and a great example of the BBC’s kindness to put me on the show. No payment, but that’s fine by me.

    The Gaffer

  3. Heard some of the show Chris, it sounds like they want you to be a regular. Great job. It’s an outstanding show and I look forward to hearing you again on.

  4. TT and Kartik,

    I had been on Up All Night two times before this one, but each time it was with Rhod Sharpe as the guest, so this was the first time I was interviewed by Dotun Adebayo.

    The Gaffer

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