New 08/09 Liverpool Third Shirt: New Picture


If you had to guess what color Liverpool’s new third shirt will be for the 2008/2009 season, you wouldn’t expect it to be green but as ridiculous as it sounds, it’s true. Last season Liverpool wore black for their European away shirt. This year, the Adidas shirt will be green with a white trim (pictured above). Thanks to Football Shirts for the photo.

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9 thoughts on “New 08/09 Liverpool Third Shirt: New Picture”

  1. you obviously suffer from blue-green color-blindness because that shirt is more carolina blue or aqua blue than any shade of green.

  2. green? blue? does it really matter? its a shite kit. what the fook are addidas playing at? now we had a gay away kit and a crap 3rd kit. at least the couldnt make a mess of the home kit!

  3. Is not green , is not blue i don’t know how to name this colour but anyway i like this kit this is better than liverpool’s away shirt 2008/2009 i hope Liverpool will use more this on away matches.

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