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New 08/09 Manchester City Home Shirt Revealed

new manchester city home shirt New 08/09 Manchester City Home Shirt Revealed

A photograph has leaked of the new Manchester City home shirt for the 2008/2009 season. Manufactured by Le Coq Sportif, their current kit designer, the new home jersey looks very similar to the the current City shirt.

The new shirt design does feature a white diagonal line from the neckline to under the left arm. The new shirt also eliminates the white pinstripes and features a new neck design. Thanks to Football Shirts for the tip regarding the shirt.

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22 Responses to New 08/09 Manchester City Home Shirt Revealed

  1. Adam says:

    Really like it, I liked last seasons but this new kit looks like a nice improvment – good job le coq

  2. lee says:

    yeah right. it looks like a ladies training top.
    bloody hell, all you’ve done is lift a pic from a forum page..

  3. jack says:

    Not sponsored by thomas cook anymore. belive anything lol

  4. DAvid says:

    They should really give up Le coq sportif and try to land a high profile Nike or Puma Deal

  5. Michael says:

    I don’t know why we went with le coq in the first place. Did we not learn from the last time. Surely we can do better than that.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Looks like one of those skin tight Rugby Jerseys.
    I thought Mr Cook would have bought out the Le Coq contract and brought Nike in by now.

  7. Dave says:

    it’s garbage

  8. Gareth says:

    Don’t believe it – this picture is a fake. It is of a rejected kit from last year. This year our kit will not be made by Le Coq – we have a new deal – and Thomas Cook are also no longer our sponsors.

    Investigative journalism at its best :)

  9. R Aghayter says:

    Why is there a disgusting manure and chelski shirt ad above this article? p155 take.

  10. Austin says:

    Actually, it is real. The talk about switching to Canturbury came about because JJB made a mistake and put up the wrong logo on their website. The club have three years left on a four-year deal with Le Coq Sportif. The picture you are seeing is from someone who works at a store that has already received the kits ahead of the kit launch. I was on a club message board the day the guy posted it.

    You have not been had. This is the shirt, Le Coq is the kit supplier, and is indeed still the sponsor (they allegedly pipped Singha Beer at the 11th hour).

  11. tom says:

    i am afraid …this is about a weekold, but it’s fake, as you can see the badge has been poorely stiched on.

    copy from thailand..based on the training gear they had on.

    thomas cook signed a three year deal with city…it isn’t that easy to break a deal like that, nor cost effe tive.

    - gary cook came from nike, we are striving to sign ronaldinho, but the deal is complicated by his sponsors, including nike, city may be trying to negioate a brake with le coq, hence no discussion of kit with supporter group, or release date.

    jjb just cocked up, it’s pompey that use canturbury

  12. This Kit Is Fake Not Real.

    For The Simple Fact We Maybe Have Nike Next Season.

  13. Austin says:

    For one, it doesn’t look anything like the training wear that City have had in the last two years. For two, fakes generally only come out after a kit has been released by the club. For three, while Ronaldinho (whom City may or may not sign) has obligations to Nike as his personal sponsor, he is not obligated to play for a Nike-kitted team. The other two teams allegedly interested in him – AC Milan and Chelsea – are both kitted by Nike’s main rival, adidas. If Ronaldinho would be free to play for adidas clubs, I’m sure he’s just as free to play for a Le Coq Sportif club. As far as the stitching goes, it is just one shirt in a poorly-taken phone-camera picture. For all we know, it looks worse in the picture than it is in real life. Some people are going to feel quite silly in a couple of weeks when this is released as the official shirt.

  14. tj says:

    This is the new shirt, and we are sponsored by le coq sportif again this year.I have seen all 3 shirts and have ordered for my manchester city ladies team

  15. tom says:

    thats the traning top.

  16. John H says:

    its obvious its not real, the badge and sponsor have been put on using photoshop or somat…. plus the bottom part of the badge has been cut off

  17. Phil D says:

    this is a fake, its a womens training top and has had the thomas cook writing photoshopped on… although i have seen the new kit it is le coq and thomas cook and it is way better than last year.
    for all us northerners as well its not the figure hugging type that seem to cut of the circulation;-)

  18. Austin says:

    But it’s clearly fake, the badge is photoshopped, we’re getting Nike, it’s a training shirt, we’re getting Canterbury, et cetera, et cetera.

  19. Viking Kong says:

    I have it, and it’s a bute!

  20. Chris says:

    i bet everyone feels like c**ks now that it clearly is the real one

  21. feyah leach says:

    This shirt is the bes we have had i love this because i love to winde my big bro up (ha ha).

  22. freyah leach says:

    This is the top city have had so far it is the because i love winding my big bro about it.

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