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New 08/09 West Brom Home and Away Shirts Leaked

Photographs of West Bromwich Albion’s home and away shirts for the 08/09 season have been leaked.

west brom home shirt New 08/09 West Brom Home and Away Shirts Leakedwest brom away shirt New 08/09 West Brom Home and Away Shirts Leaked

The shirts are manufactured by Umbro. The away shirt is a yellowish gold color, which may upset some Baggies supporters because their cross-town rival wears a similar color. That team is Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The new home and away shirt designs are elegantly designed.

Thanks to Football Shirts for the news.

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21 Responses to New 08/09 West Brom Home and Away Shirts Leaked

  1. dan says:

    they look fake. last seasons were better anyway.

  2. SuperMaths says:

    The away shirt is, in fact, much brighter than the picture shows – not quite sheffield united away of a few seasons ago, but by no means GOLD!!

    Think “Referee Yellow” and you’re not far wide of the mark.

    I’m not a fan of the invisible green stripes though!! Lol!

  3. Lonnie says:

    That yellow shirt is just bland and ugly…nothing to do with the color, the shirt is just boring. Hopefully this pic is wrong.

  4. Dan says:

    You cant believe this everybody this is not offical dont get over excited anyway i think they ant as good as last year

  5. Dan says:

    So people what do you think off Albions so called new kit for 2008/2009

  6. Baggie004 says:

    The home kit looks like a retro 80′s and i kinda like it. But the Away kit looks like its fake. The west brom logo is way too low!

  7. Premier Baggiee Ben says:

    I like both remember they need there sponcers rumors r that there: Carlsberg,Carling,Casino 888, Floors 2 go

  8. merrick says:

    The yellow one looks like a keeper’s shirt.

  9. Ste says:

    To be quite honest as 1 of the finest by far the greatest West Bromwich Albion Fan ever known 2 mankind, the Home Shirt is quite nice, has a modern look to it but who are our Sponsors does aybody know? As 4 the away… Well i’ll let u lot decide! Cheers 4 Readin. Much Appreciated, Ste.

  10. baggit says:

    They’re definitely both fakes, the umbro design looks dated…I’d be very surprised if the baggies wore this next season

  11. drukqs says:

    i really like both of them both, look classic sort of late 80′s early 90′s….. there seems to be a retro feel to alot the shirts next season, im thinking of liverpool, chelsea and arsenal so i wouldn’t be surprised to see these there.

  12. drukqs says:

    and i hope to god its not a big orange floors to go logo next season… ide rather for go the sponcer or give it to a charity like the villa.

  13. I fink the home shirt ent to bad looks a tad bit like the other one whic is oh so sexual… As for the away one ergh it is awful yellow.. Y????
    hope we dont get the away!!
    much love ;) xxx

  14. Anonymous says:

    baggies hahaha comon the wolves. always sh+t on tesco carrier bags

  15. baggie boy 1994 says:

    they both rule i love them but who is the sponser

  16. dale and arty says:

    we dont need a good strip cuz we always look like brazil when we play anyway, and as long as it hasn’t got the championship badge on it then who cares……………….oh yea the dingles probably do ha ha cum on u baggies.

  17. beckii says:

    i think the home shirt is better, i wont be buying the away shirt! out of all colours, y YELLOW…?
    i dont want to look similar to a dingal!!!!!!! dose any 1 no who the sponser is? xxx

  18. james says:

    there both the real kits cause on the website morrision and robinson am both prestenting the kits with a pre order board infront of them, you can see the black color on robbos shirt and the home ones you can see the similatry as well, i like the home one but the could have done better design with the away kit, i spoze its better than having a white one did we ever wear that lmao. the black one was used more. anywayz see you at the hawthorns dude, we got a good squad and we will all stick together to keep us were we belong :D. love you baggies fans. James x

  19. WBAChumley says:

    Is the away kit kinda alike the same colour as the tottenham yellow away kit from last season?

  20. Laura says:

    these are right check the website they’ve covered up most with a big sign. No one knows the sponsor. Gutted it’s not t-mobile no more free stuff luved them gloves. I’d love to go back to green and yellow stripes

  21. danny says:

    its the real kits

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