Carlos Bocanegra Released By Fulham

Carlos BocanegraFulham FC announced this morning that U.S. international Carlos Bocanegra has been released by the west London club.

Bocanegra sat on the sidelines for most of the 2007/2008 season and wasn’t favored by new manager Roy Hodgson. Bocanegra did however captain Fulham for the first time in a Premier League match in September 2007 against Spurs, and made his 100th Premier League appearance that same month in a match against Wigan Athletic.

Prior to signing for Fulham, Bocanegra played for Major League Soccer team Chicago Fire.

Other players released by Fulham today are Jari Litmanen, Philippe Christanval, Simon Elliott, Ian Pearce, Michael Timlin, Ismael Ehui and Bjorn Runstrom.

26 thoughts on “Carlos Bocanegra Released By Fulham”

  1. He had great commitment scored some vital ghosting goals, especially those against Spurs and Chavski, thank you Boca and good luck.

  2. for a while he was one of the worst rated defenders by the various EPL fantasy sites, worth negative points good riddance bocanegra

  3. His ability to come through with the odd set-piece header really skewed public opinion. At the end of the day, he’s an error-prone, substandard defender.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy and love seeing my countrymen in the EPL- but I can definitely understand why he fell out of favor.

    I wish him the best – hopefully he’ll land on his feet at another decent club. I hope he doesn’t end up back in MLS!

  4. Lot more behind this than just getting “released”. Maybe he wanted out and wasn’t playing as a result?

  5. Lonnie, Keller will more than likely be coming back to MLS next season as Seattle’s goalie, as he grew up in Washington and has talked about going back to finish up his career.

  6. Bocanerga never did seem to fit in at Fulham no matter who was the gaffer. He had his moments on some set pieces but did not dominate on defense.

    He was not very reassuring on defense last year with the USMNT, but this year seems to work better with his mates on the back line and has been solid for Uncle Sam. Being from Chicago, I would love to see him back with the Fire.

    What is interesting is if Fulham will bring in some big names to keep the team moving up the table or simply change some names and just hope to stay up.

  7. Poor defender, surprised he stayed on from last season. I have a feeling he will end up in the Championship along with the rest of his American friends from Reading. I think he should move back to MLS, may be able to get his career back on track in his homeland.

  8. Great move by Fulham.

    For those who think the US team is actually going to easily qualify for WC 2010 I point out Bocanegra the captain of the US MNT cannot even play at the same level as Titus Bramble! What does that say about the current state of American Soccer?

    Bocanegra won’t even be good in MLS. He’s a hacker who is good attacking in the air on set pieces. His marking at the back on set pieces is terrible and he doesn’t read the game as quickly as he should. If he comes back to MLS I see another Abel Xavier situation.

    Right now the US is a Landon Donovan injury away from not even clearing the first group in WC qualifying. What a pity after things looked so positive a few years back, but the greed of MLS and a drop off in player development of late has brought us to this point.

  9. Lou,

    The Fire have five defenders better than Bocanegra:

    Soumare, Brown, Robinson, Segaras, Conde at a minimum.

    It’s not worth it for a team as solid as Chicago to bring in a high priced third string defender.

  10. Kartik:

    Conde has issues here with the Fire, has not played much. The defense except for last week v. Houston has been great, no doubt. Soumare has been nothing short of outstanding this year.

    I know the back field is crowded, but we fall in love with our players in Chicago and always want them back. Anyone for another MJ comeback!

  11. Will Conde be dealt?

    Maybe the Fire should loan him out to a Columbian or Mexican club while this matter is resolved.

    I’m thrilled they did not give in and let New York take him, BTW. He signed a contract to play for Chicago not to play for Juan Carlos Osorio.

  12. BTW, Segaras was just called into Costa Rica’s world cup qualifying team for the friendlies and upcoming qualifiers. So Chicago may have no choice but to hold on to and play Conde while he is missing since MLS insists on playing right through these FIFA breaks.

  13. Boca, we hardly knew you.
    1. Would Boca be one of the best defenders on the FIRE? Yes!
    2. Is the US a LD injury away from not qualifying? Foolish comment, the US second string could make it through the first round of qualify
    3. Can Boca hack it in EPL? At left back with some decent compadres….he has a chance.
    4. Where will Boca land? I’m feeling Germanyleague2.

  14. I don’t know how the US not making it out of the first round of qualifying is silly. In 2000 with a far more experienced and accomplished team we needed a win against Barbados in the last match to get out of the group. Guatemala gave us fits that time and will once again. True T&T isn’t Costa Rica but they are no slouch either. And Cuba political implications aside are far superior to Barbados.

    I think the US with Donovan has a 70% chance. Without him it becomes 50/50.

    Mexico also may have a tough time but Mexico as we have seen is far superior in skill and savvy to the US so they should survive even without a manager!

  15. American will qualify fine for the WC – the region is so poor that its inconceivable that Mexico and the US wont get there at the end of it all.

  16. CONCACAF is very under rated when it comes down to it.

    In the 2002 World Cup every CONCACAF nation had at least 4 pts. Costa Rica lost out on GD to Turkey who finished 3rd in the WC and scored twice against Brazil who of course won the World Cup.

    I think US qualification given how poor the US pool is right now is probably 60% for and 40% against.

    Mexico and Honduras both will get in as the top two teams leaving the US one and a half spots. Both sides are far superior to the US at this point in time.

  17. Our team won’t score a goal against Spain or Argentina without Landon, IMO.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Carlos join the Galaxy. Sometimes I think I could improve that defense.

    GO USA!..

  18. Donovan is out for Spain.

    So the question is will it be 4-0 or 11-0?

    Bend it like Beasley, like your handle. Too bad Beasley is an inept kick taker and just blasts it right into the wall every time.

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