Chelsea's Blue Revolution Coming to Fox Soccer Channel

blue-revolution.gifFox Soccer Channel couldn’t have picked a better time to show the U.S. premiere of “Blue Revolution,” the movie about Chelsea FC. The 24/7 soccer network will be debuting the film on Wednesday, May 7.

Blue Revolution chronicles the three record breaking seasons at Chelsea FC from 2004-2007 seen through the eyes of management, players, staff and fans. The film features unprecedented access to the club, with in-depth and candid interviews with key players and management together with match footage, terrace and changing room banter.

Here’s a trailer for the movie:


5 thoughts on “Chelsea's Blue Revolution Coming to Fox Soccer Channel”

  1. It’s too bad that FSC doesn’t look for other programming like this to fill programming space throughout the year. It would be cool if FSC looked to get other random soccer programming from over in Europe. I see that FSC just picked up Barca TV and will show the 2nd leg of the CL on Friday at 5. I would think that clubs in Europe would love to have an outlet to America to spread their brand and what better way then through TV. Would offering old highlight videos, best player in club history and just plain club history documanteries to an outlet like FSC at a low price by Clubs in Europe be worth it to them to get their club in front of America’s eyes? What I am talking about is Videos/DVDS clubs have produced over the years that was released in Europe and isn’t availiable to us here in the States. Would there be interest in that by a broadcaster like FSC and the Clubs in Europe?


  2. Andy,

    Not sure. I checked their TV schedule for this week and next week, and the show is not scheduled to air during those times. Knowing Fox, it’ll be on again.


    I agree. There’s so much good programming out there, but it comes down to money and how much FSC is willing to fork out for older videos. Unfortunately I don’t see European clubs giving Fox a deal. The European clubs are just as money grubbing as their U.S. counterparts.

    The Gaffer

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