Top 10 Most Visited British Football Websites

liverpool-website.jpgLiverpool co-owner Tom Hicks complained last week that the club is being poorly run by Liverpool CEO Rick Parry, but one thing he didn’t give Parry credit for is the Liverpool FC website. Why? It’s been the number one most visited football website in the UK for months.

Here are the top 10 most visited football websites in the UK for the week of April 12:

1. Liverpool FC,, 5.04% market share
2. Manchester United,, 4.29%
3. TEAMtalk Football,, 3.34%
4.,, 2.35%
5. Arsenal FC,, 2.10%
6. Footy Mad,, 1.71%
7. Full Time,, 1.70%
8. Leeds United,, 1.65%
9. Premier League,, 1.49%
10. Rangers,, 1.27%


The chart also shows the massive fanbase that Leeds United continues to have around the world even though they’re still in League One. Also surprising is how well FootyMad does, which goes to show the power of football message boards.

The other surprising fact about the chart is that Liverpool’s website, despite being the most visited, is far from being the best club website in the Premier League. Portsmouth and Man United’s websites, just to name two, are far better.

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