How Football Matches on TV Affect Attendances (And Vice-Versa)

kop.jpgOh, to be a Londoner or to live near its vicinity. On April 30th, a lecture is being held at Birkbeck College on a topic that would be perfect for most EPL Talk readers.

“A Tale of Two Audiences: Gate Attendance and Broadcast Demand in European Football” will be the topic of discussion. Two professors will discuss research conducted on gate attendance from the Premier League and La Liga. They’ll then discuss how:

  • televised matches have an effect on gate attendances (you may be surprised by their findings),
  • matches that have lower attendances have smaller TV audiences,
  • fans watching matches in a stadium dislike close games, while
  • TV audiences respond more favorably to close matches.

The findings are fascinating and will have a profound impact on clubs more-so in the future as broadcast revenue surpasses gate revenue due to the global audience.

If you’re lucky enough to live in or around London, visit the Birkbeck Sports Business Centre website for more details and contact information. If you do plan on attending and would like to report on the event for EPL Talk, please contact me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com.

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