"Best Of" List–2007

Here’s my “Best Of” list for the year 2007 in the Premiership.Best Game: Tottenham-4, West Ham-3 (03/04/07)Most Improved Team: PortsmouthBest Uniform: Manchester United-Away (Black)Best Manager: Arsene WengerMost Passionate Fans: LiverpoolBest Stadium: Fratton Park and Craven Cottage (tie)Most Outstanding Striker: Didier Drogba (Chelsea)Most Outstanding Midfielder: Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)Most Outstanding Center Back: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) and Jamie Carragher (Liverpool) (tie)Most Outstanding Full Back: Nicky Shorey (Reading)Most Outstanding Goalkeeper: Tim Howard (Everton)Best Goal: Sebastian Larsson (Birmingham vs. Tottenham-12/02/07)Most Exciting to Watch: Cristiano RonaldoMost Valuable to his Team: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)Best Summer Signing: Fernando Torres (Liverpool)Worst Summer Signing: Florent Malouda (Chelsea)Best Commentary Team: Alan Parry and Robbie Earle

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  1. Hi, just thought i’d do my own list, as I’m a bit bored:

    Best Game: Chelsea 4-4 Aston Villa (26/12/07)
    Most Improved Team: Everton
    Best Uniform: Arsenal, third kit I think
    Best Manager: Paul Jewell (Derby)
    Most Passionate Fans: Liverpool
    Best Stadium: Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)
    Most Outstanding Striker: Roque Santa Cruz (Blackburn)
    Most Outstanding Midfielder: Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
    Most Outstanding Center Back: John Terry (Chelsea)
    Most Outstanding Full Back: Gareth Bale (Tottenham)
    Most Outstanding Goalkeeper: Robert Green (West Ham)
    Best Goal: Cristiano Ronaldo (26-12-07 v Sunderland, his free kick)
    Most Exciting to Watch: Fernando Torres (Liverpool)
    Most Valuable to his Team: Wayne Rooney (Man Utd)
    Best Summer Signing: Fernando Torres (Liverpool)
    Worst Summer Signing: Steve Sidwell (Chelsea)
    Best Commentary Team: N/A

  2. For me, it was between David James and Tim Howard for best goalkeeper. The problem with James is that while he can brilliant at times, he also has a tendency for howlers. Howard is not as flashy as James can be, but he doesn’t make the mistakes that James does either.

    As for worst summer signing, I can see your point about Joey Barton. I went with Malouda based really on the large amount of money Chelsea spent for him combined with the fact that he simply hasn’t played that much for one reason or another. In terms of value for money, Chelsea didn’t get any for Malouda.

  3. Best Game: Too many to select from…but West Ham v. Spurs was fantastic.

    Most Improved Team: Man City, especially with so many unknowns at the start of the season…the squad, Sven, the dictator…all of ’em.

    Best Uniform: Easy, Blackburn, especially the away kit.

    Best Manager: Jeez…right now? Sven’s gotta have my vote. Arsenal and ManU’s are great, but established and their clubs are filled with cash. Sven turned turmoil and near relegation into beauty and success in the matter of months.

    Most Passionate Fans: NOT Liverpool! Yeah, yeah, the sing and love their club…WHEN THEY WIN…they also bitch and complain more than any fans I can think of. Hell, Derby fans were singing and pushing the Rams all game v. Liverpool the other day, much more than I’ve seen Liverpool fans to do for them unless they’re already ahead. Passionate fans to me are the nuts at Newcastle.

    Best Stadium: Haven’t seen a game in the UK, but it appears to be Craven Cottage. The atmosphere everywhere but Blackburn and Wigan looks pretty good. I’m partial to West Ham and Pompey as well.

    Most Outstanding Striker: Drogba, when upright.

    Most Outstanding Midfielder: Ronaldo or Fabregas.

    Most Outstanding Center Back: Terry or Ferdinand. (Carragher? Slow, big, baby, given passes on his constant fouling for God knows what reason)

    Most Outstanding Full Back: Damn, don’t have one, but I agree with Shorey as a very good player, if underappreciated.

    Most Outstanding Goalkeeper: Green or James

    Best Goal: Pass

    Most Exciting to Watch: Too many to say. Of the regulars I’d say Fabregas, Ronaldo or Gerrard. Of the underappreciated, I’d say Bentley, Anelka, or Barry. To watch? You know what…I’d put Crouch in there too.

    Most Valuable to his Team: Hand down to me it’s Fabregas, without him Arsenal doesn’t hum.

    Best Summer Signing: Torres now, but I still don’t know if he’s worth the money. Santa Cruz was a fine one! Nani and Anderson have the potential to be fantastic signings.

    Worst Summer Signing: Wow…Bent, ’cause he doesn’t even play. I don’t know who’s more disappointing than that.

    Best Commentary Team: N/A

  4. Best Game: Yeovil Town v Notts Florist (5-4) League One playoffs Leg 2
    Most Improved Team: Portsmouth
    Best Uniform: Hibernian Away Kit (all black with neat deep green trim)
    Best Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson
    Most Passionate Fans: Derby County
    Best Stadium: Fratton Park (Portsmouth)
    Outstanding Striker: Didier Drogba(Chelsea) hands down
    Outstanding Midfielder: Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
    Outstanding Center back: Nemjana Vidic (Manchester United)
    Outstanding Fullback: Daniel Alves (Sevilla)
    Outstanding Goalkeeper: Iker Castilles (Real Madrid)
    Best Goal: Lionel Messi(Barcelona) v Getafe
    Most Exciting to watch: Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester United

  5. Best Game: Wycombe 1 – 1 Chelsea (Jan 10 2007)
    Most Improved Team: Definitely Man City
    Best Uniform: Birmingham City Home
    Best Manager: Lawrie Sanchez…just joking! More like Arsne Wenger
    Most Passionate Fans: Portsmouth
    Best Stadium: Craven Cottage – probably the one you would rather take the wife or girlfriend to, not for the toilet facilities or the leg room but for the the, “Aww its soo beautiful” remark.
    Most Outstanding Striker: Didier Drogba
    Most Outstanding Midfielder: Four way tie between Ronaldo, Fabregas, Bentley and Arteta
    Most Outstanding Center Back: Joleon Lescott
    Most Outstanding Full Back: Gael Clichy
    Most Outstanding Goalkeeper: David James
    Best Goal: Sebastian Larsson
    Most Exciting to Watch: C Ronaldo
    Most Valuable to his Team: Torres – without him Liverpool would be screwed
    Best Summer Signing: Santa Cruz because he cost so little
    Worst Summer Signing: Kieron Dyer – how can you sign someone who is injury prone and then watch him sit on the bench the whole season…idiotic!
    Best Commentary Team: Don’t care, they’re all crap!

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