FA Risks Losing Jose Mourinho for England Job

The Football Association is living in an ivory tower, so far out of touch with reality and has already made a massive mistake in the hiring process for the new England manager’s position.

Because they’re so gripped with fear of making an aggressive mistake this time around, they’ve decided to spend a boatload of money on hiring consultants to help manage the search. This is the type of decision that a bureaucratic corporation would make. In football, we don’t have time to dawdle.

While the FA thinks its taking the right steps in its international search for a manager (scouring the earth according to Brian Barwick), the one manager who is perfect for this position has reportedly expressed an interest in the job yet no one has contacted him. That person is, of course, Jose Mourinho.

The FA needs to have balls. They need to make a bold move by getting The Special One to take the position. Instead, they’re pussy-footing around by trying to appear patient and doing things in an orderly fashion. In the business world, this can work at times. But, to me, this is more about supply and demand. The demand is there to capture an England manager. The supply is small. Really there’s only one manager who’s perfect for this job who would be able to make dramatic changes and rock the boat. And once that supply is gone (i.e. Jose Mourinho), England and the FA have major problems.

The writing is on the wall. The FA will continue to dawdle. Jose Mourinho will take a top managerial position with a European club side. The FA will find someone to take the manager’s position after several months and it’ll end up being another disappointment.

Yet again I say that the FA needs to step down. They’re incompetent. They’re in the process of botching another campaign. They’re ruining the international game in England and the people who will suffer the most are the fans of the England national team who will continue to be disappointed until a major upheaval occurs within the FA.


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