Jozy Altiodre to Real Madrid a Bad Idea

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Rumors have been hot and heavy the past few days that Jozy Altiodre, the first American teen strikerto ever elicit serious interest from top European clubs is being heavily scouted by Real Madrid. Altidore, whose development has been remarkable to this point in his career could throw it all away by going to a club where his development will be stifled and where his national team service could become less frequent (as it did with Tim Howard once he went to Manchester United).

Altidore has better technical skill than any American has ever had at his age. His confidence on the ball and ability to play with his back to goal are something the National Team has been lacking since the retirements of Eric Wynalda, Earnie Stewart and Joe Max Moore some years ago.  Altidore has the potential to take his place alongside the aforementioned names as titan in American Soccer attacking lore, but these next few years are critical. As we have seen with several other national team pool members, going to the wrong club could stifle a players development and in turn hurt US Soccer.

Real Madrid is a super club that deals in finished articles. Altidore would be much better off playing out his MLS contract or going to a  league like the Dutch Eredivise where premium is placed on player development.  In a place like Holland or Portugal Altidore could develop under the radar with some of the top technical coaches and trainers on the European continent. For me, long term that would be a better deal for US Soccer than the glitz and glamor of Real Madrid.

4 thoughts on “Jozy Altiodre to Real Madrid a Bad Idea”

  1. As wonderful as it would be to have an American playing for Real Madrid, I think you are right in saying he needs to develop and not sit on the bench on a club that only plays guys who are already World Class. Hopefully he’ll go to PSV or Benfica or a club like that. He won’t be in MLS next year for sure.

  2. It’s not like we’ve had many Americans besides Goal Keepers ever play for Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, etc. I can’t think of one who has ever suited up in a real match for one of these teams. I support Jozy to Real Madrid and feel you are being shortsighted with this one. Imagine what a Yank on Real Madrid will do for the image of US Soccer in Europe and Latin America?

  3. This i’m gonna disagree with because i think your premise is now flawed.

    first, “Real Madrid is a super club that deals in finished articles.”

    That is not the case anymore and they don’t only deal with finished articles. They have stated that they intend to end the Galactico era and develop players like Barcelona has with Messi and Dos Santos.

    Even be for I wouldn’t consider Pato, Robinho, Hiquan, finished articles at that time they arrived and tons of other players to go through madrid.

    Your right a bad move can hurt a player but i’d argue that if you want to compare the learning environments you suggest Madrid, Red Bulls, or Holland I’m not sure there is much contest.

    Tutilage under Angel with no coach and no understanding of the style/position he’ll be asked to play in under the new manager.

    A Hypothetetical spot in at a reputed place like PSV or Ajax. Well i’d agree these places have outstanding pedigrees for developing players.

    Tutilage under one of the greatest scorers in the game, Ruud. I say if it’s playing with Farfan or Ruud. I’d take Ruud. Great academy in Holland or not It’s hard for me to think it’s better to learn in a second tier league then learn from the best. And I can’t see how staying in the MLS, in and of itself, betters him.

    I wouldn’t be afraid to fail. if he can’t make the squad well he took his shot. But going somewhere else is no more a guarantee he’ll succeed.

    i can’t begrudge anyone that takes their shot. Like a Steve Sidwell. Hey he took a shot and it’s up to him to earn his spot. I say i you’re worth it go earn it.

  4. True Derrick I can most certainly see the benefits of being part of Real Madrid’s setup. But at the same time I just fear he wouldn’t develop there because Madrid can easily discard him for someone else if he isn’t developing as quickly as they anticipate.

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