10 Days to Explore Europe and its Football


It’s almost a year to the date since I traveled to England for a 10-day EPL Talk tour taking in six matches on a grueling journey from Miami to Manchester and then through the cities of Liverpool, Blackburn, London and back to Manchester.

Along the way, I released a daily audio podcast, snapped hundreds of pictures and wrote passionately on my blog each day. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

And now I’ve got that travel bug again (as if I ever lost it)!

I’m considering taking a journey in the early part of next year to Europe for 9-10 days on a similar mission, but this time in search of the soul of European football. I’m contemplating traveling through Europe to find myself among the football crowds in places such as Prague, Berlin, San Sebastian, Amsterdam and other towns and cities.

But, just as with the first EPL Talk tour last year, I’m asking for your opinion and recommendations of what cities (and clubs) you’d recommend I visit. I’ve been to continental Europe several times but have never experienced a football match in person on that soil.

One option is to go during a Champions League week (first knockout rounds are scheduled February 19-20 and March 4-5). Of course, we won’t know who will be playing who until late December.

But looking at a trip between February 15-24, here are some of the interesting matches that will be available throughout Europe (of course, feel free to suggest any that aren’t listed here):

Saturday, February 16: Bundesliga, Eredivisie, FA Cup 5th Round, Czech league
Sunday, February 17: Serie A, La Liga, Eredivisie, Ligue 1
Monday, February 18: None
Tuesday, February 19: Champions League matches (TBD)
Wednesday, February 20: Champions League matches (TBD)
Thursday, February 21: UEFA Cup matches (TBD)
Friday, February 22: Eredivisie
Saturday, February 23: Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Ligue 1, Premier League, Czech league
Sunday, February 24: Serie A, La Liga, Eredivisie

My gameplan is to mix travel with soccer so I can explore the sights and atmosphere of towns and cities by day and watch football in person by night (or during the day for weekend matches). And of course report back to you regarding my findings.

I welcome any and all suggestions/recommendations.


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