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Liverpool Shows Tottenham How To Do It

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At last, fans of Premier League football had an extremely entertaining Saturday to watch on television. The majority of entertaining matches in the season thus far (the few that have been) have been on Sundays.

Today was a perfect example of the difference in quality and tactics between Liverpool and Spurs. Both teams played against sides with woeful defenses. Spurs against Fulham, and Liverpool against Derby. Both Fulham and Derby looked dismal in the first half with plenty of defensive mistakes. Going forward, though, Liverpool and Tottenham were both extremely entertaining.

The difference though was that Liverpool was able to capitalize on their chances and keep their defensive line in order. Spurs, meanwhile, looked exciting on the attack but missed so many simple chances to win the match but then allowed Fulham to get back into the match. So often is the complaint that Spurs only have one gameplan, which was evident today.

Aside from the differences in skill for all of the four teams involved, it made for extremely entertaining matches for TV viewers. Fulham’s continued push to come back from being down 2-0 and 3-1 paid off after Kamara scored a brilliant overhead kick to pull Fulham level near the dying moments of the game.

Lots of worries for Spurs. Liverpool look unstoppable. Derby and Fulham have a lot of work to do.

With Derby, their defensive lapses were comical. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Premier League side look as bad as that. Even Sunderland in previous seasons were more skilled. And with the transfer window closed for Derby manager Billy Davies, he has to make do with what he has. It’s mission impossible, but let’s see what Davies can do. If he can get Derby out of trouble and to stay up in the Premier League this season, he’ll deserve the manager of the season award. Honestly.

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9 Responses to Liverpool Shows Tottenham How To Do It

  1. nhsiow says:

    Same old Spurs, 2 goals lead and controlling the game. Why in the hell that Martin Jol put in Dawson for Malbranque for a fluke goal. It disrupted the defence and invites pressure from Fulham. He should keep the 4 man midfield which dominated Fulham. Martin has made lots of tactical errors, especially throwing the game away with big leads (Chelsea game in FA Cup) the same manner as this game. We have had enough, he should go.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The game died long before bringing dawson on, when defoe came on for keane there was a huge gap left between midfield and strikers, neither defoe or berbs are the type of player that will come for the ball like keane does. From then on we were up against it. Robbo sad to say absolute rubbish again but one positive was bale who was absolutely outstanding and showed he has that extra touch of class worthy of his price tag.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fire Jol. A monkey can manage the team better.

  4. IRG says:

    All very easy to blame Jol…

    But Bale, phenomenal!… great buy COYS

  5. Anonymous says:

    Come on fellas. It’s up to the players on the field. There is a lack of spine and ruthlessness in the team and we’ll never get in the Champs League until that changes. We need leaders not sheep!!

  6. Simon Burke says:

    I love Spurs fans, so fickle. So clueless. Jol has worked wonders and in honesty you battered Fulham today and were unlucky. It happens, you were unlucky against United too so sack him.. ???
    If he is guilty of one thing its that he made Keane captain. He is a fine player but he is one Jol pulls off before 90 mins, you shouldbt have a captain that is so often subbed – Keane was unhapy to come off and Spurs led 3-1 before it..

  7. asrulqueresma says:

    agree with the anonymous poster. Jol made a mistake when he brought in defoe for keane.Tey maybe can score another goal if keane stayed on the pitch.jol misery continues.

    *sumtimes high expectation can bring a team down*

    on the other hand
    glad to see liverpool is on fire at the moment

  8. YankeeRam says:

    Ya, nice to see we signed all of one person in the window. Never mind we need an entire new back line, so we sign a stiker. I am about ready to go have words with our chairman.

  9. Simon Burke says:

    Aye, i feel sorry for you Derby fans – going to be a long season. I think Arsenal are in your near future at the Emirates too which cant be a good thing. Good luck this season.

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