No Worries for Man Utd After Portsmouth Draw

Some Man United fans may be worried after tonight’s 1-1 draw against Portsmouth and the fact that United now only has two points from as many matches.

The fact is though that United have faced difficult opposition in both of those matches. Reading and Portsmouth are never easy teams to beat and Pompey, especially at Fratton Park during night matches, is a formidable force.

More worrying to Man United is the sending off of Cristiano Ronaldo who will now miss the next three matches. Perhaps its time for Anderson to make his Premier League debut although Sir Alex Ferguson may be tempted to slot the dependable Darren Fletcher into the right wing position instead.

The good news for Man Utd is they’ll be able to play on a larger pitch than Fratton Park on Sunday at the City of Manchester Stadium where the red half of Manchester will be able to play more of the attacking game they’re used to. Manchester City’s pitch is five metres wider than Portsmouth’s field.

Man United may be finding the new season tough so far but it’ll take time for new players such as Nani and Tevez to integrate into the side. The Red Devils are creating chances. They just need to put them away.

9 thoughts on “No Worries for Man Utd After Portsmouth Draw”

  1. I’ll go out on the line here and everyone can say that I am a fool but it’s over. It’s Chelsea’s title to lose from here on in.

    Last year it was injuries that kept Chelsea from the title and this year it’s the same for Man U.

    Now Chelsea could get a big injury or focus too much on the Champions League, but they would have to stumble.

    I am prepared to be called a goat when Man U. is ahead 6 points at Christmas.

  2. Hey You crook,
    It is the Gooner’s season for the title. Chel$$$ki are not good enough to challenge for the title, however the pile of defensive players

  3. It’s no one’s “title to lose” after two games, least of all Chelsea’s! I’m not a fan of United or of Chelsea, but Manchester United are the defending champions; any team who wants to win the Premiership has to take it from them, and nothing definitive can be taken from 2 games.

  4. I think this is just the begining so there’s no reason to worry about the ManU draw. I’m from Portugal and I had the opportunity to see the Brazilian Anderson play all season here. He’s a great player and I’m sure he can replace any player (but his best position in the field is not at Ronaldo’s).

  5. Shocking start for United 2 draws, plenty of players to bed in….no Rooney … Ronaldo 3 game ban… oh – and a flying City away next. Tough times. They need a good run and possibly a favour from Liverpool.

  6. Your article in its title state “no worries” then you outline 2 big ones he he

    Looking for an extra 5 meters of width on a pitch seems like clutching for straws.

    With United winnign everything last year we didnt get the pleasure of the bulbous nose whinning about this and that, glad to see that part of him back, heres for much moire of his bitchin this year

  7. RioCharlie:

    Five meters is sixteen feet, which would definitely make a difference for a Giggs or Nani.

    The Gaffer

  8. Gaffer:

    I know, it still seems like grasping to me, but im bias i admit. After hoping Man utd would win the league last year, which made me ill most weeks, its much better to be back wishing them ill fortune again! :)

    Its still so early yet, and with hopefully a much tighter league, Utd wil be fine, regardles o fthe size of the pitch, theres just too much talent on the team. Go Citeh!!

  9. If Liverpool wins against Chelsea on Sunday, we have a new title contender. I hope you all realize how big of a game this is, a 6-pointer.
    Also, if United drops points v. a resurgent City on Sunday, I am willing to say that there is no chance in hell they will win it again(I know 35 games left, bl-a, bla-h, bla-h, but the only reason United won it last season was their perfect start early on).

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