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MLS Clubs Taking Advantage of EPL Fans in States

real salt lake MLS Clubs Taking Advantage of EPL Fans in States

If you’re planning on going to see Everton play Real Salt Lake on July 21st, be prepared to be disappointed. According to their web site, you won’t be able to buy single tickets to the match but will be forced instead to buy tickets to three matches instead.

The trend is becoming more common with MLS clubs as they seem to be trying to take advantage of the popularity of Premier League sides in North America. Toronto FC, for example, are doing the same when Aston Villa visits in July. So too is the LA Galaxy for the visit of Chelsea, and even supposed fan-friendly Columbus Crew is up to the same tricks for the visit of Villa.

I understand where those MLS clubs are coming from, but why not offer the flexibility to allow fans to decide which matches they want to go to? If they enjoy the friendly against the English side, chances are they may come back to see the MLS side play.

Of course, the reality is that these friendlies are meaningless games where the English sides usually play lots of second-string players and make plenty of substitutions.

For example, you can purchase a ticket to watch Real Salt Lake play DC United tomorrow night (June 22) for as little as $17, which will get you a seat in the North Goal Bleachers section. The most expensive ticket is $40 for a chair in the West Side section.

However, if you visit the Real Salt Lake ticket centre online, there’s no option to buy a single ticket to the Everton match. Instead if you want to see the Toffees, you’re forced to buy a pack which includes a ticket to the Everton friendly, the Boca Juniors friendly and one of three regular season MLS matches. The cheapest ticket for this pack is $55 with prices as high as $150 for the better seats.

That’s very affordable for three separate matches and, sure, Boca Juniors and Everton are quality sides, but what if you’re only able to see one match? What if you’re not from Salt Lake and you want to fly into Salt Lake City to watch the one match?

Major League Soccer clubs are doing a disservice to the fans by employing these inflexible ticket offers. I understand the marketing behind it and why the MLS clubs feel they should “herd the cattle” to three games instead of one, but first impressions are everything. Give me a sour taste in my mouth when I try to buy one ticket, which I can’t do, to see Everton play and chances are you’ve already lost the trust of admiration of that consumer.

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5 Responses to MLS Clubs Taking Advantage of EPL Fans in States

  1. dstorm says:

    Gaffer, you are correct in your assessment overall…and I agree it is a disservice to fans.

    But don’t be surprised if in a week or so they open up the games to individual purchase on the internet.

    Personally, I was just extremely happy they offered a $55 package for 3 games – Everton, Boca and one other MLS game. This is a very reasonable price considering what others are charging for just one game (ie Aston Villa at Toronto).

    The Everton and Boca games are only 3 days apart – and so I’m sure the front office is banking on people wanting to attend both.

    I am also sure I’ve seen listed prices for those individual games, (cheapest at $30 per game), so even though you can’t purchase on the website, I bet if you call the ticket office you could buy an individual ticket that way. Worth a shot at least.

    I’ll be attending both games and can’t wait for July to arrive.

  2. Wayne says:

    Gaffer – The RSL Website is not very clear, but you can buy individual tickets to the Everton or Boca Juniors games. Goto “Single Game Tickets” on the website. This shows all of the games for the season. Choose the “T” (for tickets) next to Everton/Boca and you can purchase your individual game tickets.

  3. Wayne the blind says:

    Gaffer – I made a mistake. I did not read the fine print. It is a package deal for Everton/Boca/+1.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look for single game tickets to open up as we get closer to the match. This has happened with most of RSL’s friendlies in the past.

  5. Matt Booher says:

    Here is the link for single-game Crew tickets vs. Aston Villa:

    While the trend appears to be true, its not entirely the case. Also, check Ticketmaster.

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