Damn The Torpedoes: Two New Soccer Blogs

The quality of soccer blogs throughout the blogosphere is continuing to increase. The difficult part is finding them.Two new ones I uncovered and highly recommend are:

  1. Pitch Invasion: It’s not just the pretty pictures at Pitch Invasion which make the blog stand apart, although the images definitely do help. Blogger Tom Dunmore creates a ‘thinking man’s blog’ with plenty of appealing and irreverant soccer stories.
  2. The 100 Football Grounds Club: If you’ve been following me the past couple of years, you’ll know I’m a sucker for soccer stadia. So it was a breath of fresh air to find this blog, which mixes humor with history and packs the pages with plenty of eyeopening images. Be sure to check out their Football Bog Blog, by the way. Yes, those are real.

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