Chelsea v Man United, FA Cup Final: Live & Online

If you’re searching for a way to experience Saturday’s FA Cup Final match between Manchester United and Chelsea online, join the EPL Talk Chat hosted by BC John.

We’ll have Chelsea, Manchester United and neutral fans from around the world chatting in real-time about the final. We’ll also be able to tip you off regarding Man Utd v Chelsea radio coverage and how to listen live (depending on what part of the world you live in). The match kicks off on Saturday, May 19th at 10am ET/3pm GMT. You can access the EPL Talk Chat from the EPL Talk homepage (near the center of the page).

4 thoughts on “Chelsea v Man United, FA Cup Final: Live & Online”

  1. I am sorely dissapointed that I will not be able to enjoy my team thrashing Chelsea in the FA Cup as Setanta has chosen not to show the game live except in pubs with a mandatory $20 cover!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS! I sincerely hope that every pub in the nation is deserted this Saturday just to show Setanta how stupid they are being!! I plan to avoid any news reports and watch the repeat broadcast at home for free.

    All for screwing over the soccer-watching minority in the States, stand up!!!

  2. It’s on PPV on Dish Network. It’s already ordered, so you can join us in the chat to see the game live.

  3. Chuck,

    Yes, I agree it’s highway robbery especially in these times when I can get a monthly subscription to Setanta with more than 100 matches a month for $14.95.

    The way it works is Setanta gets the rights to show the final at the pubs ($20 cover charge).

    Fox Sports International has the rights to the FA Cup final on pay-per-view. That costs $24.95

    Let’s hope that next year is different.

    The Gaffer

  4. Gaffer,

    I currently subscribe to Setanta, FSC, and GolTV, but the PPV prices are becoming exorbitant – $25 for the FA Cup is too much and a $20 cover is over the top. Hopefully the trend will be arrested – and quickly. I would implore anyone thinking of plonking down $25 for PPV or $20 cover to resist and send a message that soccer cannot become the next Ultimate Fighting Championship in the US. Aren’t the broadcasters making enough already??

    Go ManU

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