FC Walker Lifts EPL Talk Fantasy League Trophy


The end of the 2006/2007 Premiership season also concludes the first-ever EPL Talk Fantasy League. Out of the 80 contestants, here’s the final top 10:1. FC Walker, Steve Thielman, 2102 pts2. Foolish FC, Mark Aegerter, 20613. FC Bubd, Jeff Mensch, 20334. Mesiniaga FC, Sakaya Mary, 19935. Rockfish United. David Griffith, 19806. Bloody Yanks, Jeremy Lay, 19267. Soccaplaya, Marc Andre Pharand, 19198. The Goalfather, Tony Orsini, 19129. Moodus Rowdies, Alex Shorthouse, 190510. Gratefullawyer, Wayne Novick, 1901Congratulations to Steve Thielman’s FC Walker who wins first place and a box of goodies including a World Soccer Shop T-shirt and much more.As soon as the league opens up for next season, we’ll invite everyone back to see if FC Walker can win the league again or if he’ll hit his sophomore jinx.

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