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  • Boy, did Manchester United look tired today? Despite their lack of energy and Manchester City’s thug tactics, their one-nil one piles the pressure on Chelsea tomorrow at the Emirates. A draw or a win by Arsenal and the Premiership title will be handed to Man United at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.
  • Here’s an interesting look at Stan Kroenke, the Arsenal investor, at this San Diego newspaper site.
  • Some of you who may know me pretty well probably realize I’m a big fan of Subbuteo. Here’s an article on the famous table football game from Four Four Two Magazine.
  • This week’s EPL Talk Podcast will be delayed. Instead of being published on Sunday night as it usually is, it’ll be released on Monday night. Reason being is that there’s so much importance riding on Charlton’s match against Spurs on Monday that I want to give everyone a better idea of how the final day of the season will play out. If Charlton loses on Monday, they’re relegated. How about that for pressure?

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