Everton's New 07/08 Home Shirt Revealed

Everton will be officially unveiling their new home shirt on their web site May 3rd, but here’s a sneak preview of it.
According to the Everton web site, the shirt will be worn for the first time this Saturday when the Toffees play Portsmouth at home, the last match of the season at Goodison Park.

The shirt will officially be available on June 1st.

In the United Kingdom, Umbro is enjoying a slight resurgence. Starting next season, West Ham United, Wigan Athletic and Sunderland will be wearing Umbro. And several clubs throughout the lower leagues have announced their switch to Umbro.

The new design of the Everton shirt, meanwhile, looks very similar to the recently unveiled shirt from Rangers.

3 thoughts on “Everton's New 07/08 Home Shirt Revealed”

  1. Thanks for the update. How about linking up.. I will put you on my site for sure. Everton fan in Tucson AZ

  2. not much of an Everton fan but it is a nice looking shirt!
    Umbro really does make some very nice shirts!

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