Chelsea v Spurs: Live and Online

If you’re searching for a way to experience Saturday’s Premiership match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur online, join the EPL Talk Chat hosted by bcjohn.

We’ll have Chelsea, Spurs and neutral fans from around the world chatting in real-time about the big Premiership battle. We’ll also be able to tip you off regarding Chelsea v Spurs radio coverage and how to listen live (depending on what part of the world you live in). The match kicks off on Saturday, April 7th at 7:45am ET/12:30pm GMT. You can access the EPL Talk Chat from the EPL Talk homepage (near the center of the page).

One thought on “Chelsea v Spurs: Live and Online”

  1. google bbc radio 94.9 i listen to every spurs game thru it, i’ve lived in the usa for the past four years and found it this season, they are covering EVERY Tottenham game… COYS!

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