Premier League Partly to Blame for England's Demise

If you’re like me and when I consider the better writers from The Guardian, many of the names that first pop into my head are people such as Kevin McCarra, Paul Doyle, Barry Glendenning and Sid Lowe — all members of the Football Weekly brat pack.

But one name that is often overlooked is one of the pearls at The Guardian, David Conn.

In another example of his excellent writing, David yesterday published a piece entitled The Premiership Feasts While England Flounder, which goes back in time to remember the reasons why the Premier League said it wanted to form as a breakaway group from the Football League. We all know the real reasons (i.e. greed), but the Premiership said it would benefit England, the national team. It’s a revealing article, so be sure to read it.

I have to thank David for introducing me to Peter Lupson’s book, Thank God For Football. After learning about the book by reading David’s article, I then contacted Mr. Lupson for his interview on the EPL Talk Podcast.


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