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Sheffield United's 2007/2008 Kit: Home and Away

I reported a few weeks ago that Sheffield United had given their supporters a chance to vote on their home and away shirts for the 2007/2008 season, which will hopefully see the Blades still in the Premiership.Well, the final results are in and here’s what you can see Sheffield United wearing next season:Home:sheffield united home shirt Sheffield United's 2007/2008 Kit: Home and AwayAway:sheffield united away shirt Sheffield United's 2007/2008 Kit: Home and AwayWhile the home shirt looks top class, the away kit is going to take some time getting used to it. The lime green color is pretty unique in the Premiership.

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8 Responses to Sheffield United's 2007/2008 Kit: Home and Away

  1. tyler says:

    I think that some Wednesday supporters must have influenced the voting process a bit.

  2. Kartik says:

    I actually like the lime green (we had a World League of American Football team here in Florida during the early 1990s with the same colors) but admit it looks like a keeper’s shirt, not something field players would wear.

  3. Anonymous says:

    looks horrible

  4. twd3lr says:

    The home kit looks great. The shirt looks like it actually fits, unlike this year’s shirt, with its oversized baggy look with a collar opening so big it looks like it was made for Charlie Brown. The away kit is rubbish.

  5. Linz c/o says:

    I like the away kit. Harks back to the yellow kit from the late 80s/early 90s and the other two kits we had through the 90s… the 1997 Wards one being the most recent.

    Suppose people will just accuse us of copying Barcelona… but we did it first!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Random thought, nothing to do w/ the new Sheffield United kit(they will get to wear it in the Championship next season anyways)…
    Gaffer, is there a reason why you didn’t send somebody or go yourself to the US-Ecuador game in Tampa. In fact, there were 6-7 players on both sides playing in the EPL-could have been quite a nice report and a couple of great interviews, at least. Plus, you live in Florida from what I remember.
    Game atmosphere, attendance and the quality of football was actually very decent.

  7. The Gaffer says:


    Good question. Tampa is a 3-4 hour drive from my house. I contemplated going, but Sunday is usually family day for me, so it was hard to get away.

    I would have had someone else cover the match and do some interviews if I knew anyone who was going, but I didn’t hear from anyone.

    Thanks for asking me about it. Hopefully there’ll be some matches in South Florida this spring/summer that I can cover for the site if they’re EPL-related.

    The Gaffer

  8. Kartik says:

    I had actually hoped to go to the match as well but like the Gaffer I had a family commitment. I was able to watch the game but actually had planned on going months ago when I saw the game was going to be played in Tampa but then a commitment sprung up.

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