Results from EPL Talk Chat Survey

The results are in from the EPL Talk Chat survey, where we asked your opinions about the online chat and what we can do to improve. Thanks to everyone who participated. The lucky winner of the World Soccer Shop T-shirt is Trip Burnam from Dallas, Texas.So, here are what the results of the survey told us:Ninety-one percent of you feel that the EPL Talk Chat is above average-to-excellent, which is exceedinly good news. Only one person rated it as average. What this says to me is that you feel the service is unique and well-received.I was surprised by the answers to the above question. Sixty two percent of you attend every weekend, which proves how loyal the majority of you are. Thank you. Some of you only visit less than once a month, which is completely understandable since many of you watch matches on delay or on Tivo/DVR.The answers to the above question were varied. I wanted to get a better idea what drives you to visit the chat. Sixty one percent of you try to go online for most matches or are there every weekend. Only 8% of you visit when it’s just your team, which again shows how loyal many of you are and how you enjoy the chat no matter what team is playing.One of the obvious areas of improvement is the sound quality, which we (bcjohn and I) have already taken great measures to enhance.Stickam it is, but we’ll keep our eyes open for better technology if and when it becomes available.85% of you agree that the best match should be shown from 3pm GMT/10am ET/7am PT on Saturdays.Based on the answer to this question, we’ll do our best from now on to start the chat earlier than kick-off, approximately 10-15 minutes before.Looking to the future, many of you appear interested in expanding the chat into other areas. Stay tuned to EPL Talk to see how we expand. We may begin with one additional night whereby hot topics in football are debated.Thanks again everyone for your valuable input. If there are any points you want to address, feel free to email me at thegaffer(at) or click on the ‘Comments’ link below.

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