Which Team Will Destroy Chelsea's Immaculate Home League Record?

I alluded to it during this week’s EPL Talk Podcast interview with The Daily Telegraph’s Henry Winter, but I believe Chelsea’s record of unbeaten home matches in the league is about to end. The question, is, who will manage to beat them.Their home matches in the league between now and the end of the season are Blackburn, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United, Spurs, Man United, Bolton and Everton.While the Blues have the advantage of having easier opponents at home between now and the end of the season, the last four matches will be their hardest stretch. Spurs, who are rather inconsistent of late, beat Chelsea in the fixture at White Hart Lane. Man United should have beaten Chelsea at Old Trafford except for Mourinho’s smart tactical move at half-time by reverting Essien to right back. Meanwhile Bolton and Everton should be tricky matches.Depending on how far Chelsea gets into the Champions League will have an impact on their Premiership results. After the first tie against Porto in late February, Chelsea play away at Manchester City, so there’s no concern for the weary Chelsea legs there. In the return tie against Porto in March, Chelsea faces a 10 day break before they play in the Premiership again. So again, no worries there, but it’s only going to get harder if Chelsea can overcome Porto.Looking at the home fixture list for Chelsea in the league for the remainder of this season, which club(s) do you think can beat Chelsea at home and why? Pick from Blackburn, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United, Spurs, Man United, Bolton and Everton.

3 thoughts on “Which Team Will Destroy Chelsea's Immaculate Home League Record?”

  1. Gaffer has made a gaffe. Yes, United is clearly a home challenge. But the others? Nothing like our most dangerous opponents at the Bridge.

    Spurs – no wins in 16 years.
    Bolton – one win in 32 years.
    Everton – one win in 15 years. (And we’ll have won the title by then.)

  2. The obvious name on that list is Utd as they have the quality up front to trouble the Chelsea defence which will soon be augmented by the return of both Cech and Terry to make it once again formidable. However this is likely to be shifted to after the Bolton game (in the week leading up to the last game of the season) due to it falling on FA cup semi final day and either teams likely participation.

    I don’t fancy Boro, Blackburn or Sheffield Utd to get a draw at the Bridge much less a win but if Chelsea approach the games with complacency it could happen. I’d expect Chelsea will want to set the record strait against Spurs after their controversial loss at White Heart Lane so again can’t see a win.

    Bolton are traditional party spoilers but at the tail end of the season will their small inexpensive squad still have the legs required for a win? So we are back to Utd. They have what it takes to win at the Bridge assuming that Chelsea haven’t upped their performances in the mean time. But with the possibility that this could in all actuality be a title decider Utd would probably be pleased with a draw (assuming they still hold 1st place) and an end to the chase.

    With that in mind I think the most likely scenario is that one way or other, with the title race over, Chelsea will play Everton with a relaxed attitude and probably run out a few of the fringe players as they did a in the losses to Blackburn and Newcastle at the end of last season. This will give Everton the best opportunity to end the record (assuming it hasn’t ended anyway).

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