Liverpool Fans Protest During FA Cup Match

Liverpool fans marked today’s FA Cup third round match against Arsenal by protesting against Kelvin MacKenzie, former editor of The Sun newspaper, who blamed Liverpool fans for the Hillsborough Disaster in a cover story entitled ‘The Truth’ that was published in his tabloid the Wednesday after the Hillsborough Tragedy in April, 1989.To make matters worse, MacKenzie was recently reported to have said that “I was not sorry then and I’m not sorry now” for the paper’s infamous coverage of the Hillsborough disaster where it reported that some Liverpool fans had pickpocketed victims, urinated on cops trying to rescue fans, and beat up a police officer giving someone the kiss of life. However, it seemed that the police had fabricated these lies and fed them to the press.Liverpool fans were also upset at the BBC for trying to air a show by Kelvin MacKenzie on BBC Radio Five Live on Christmas Day. But after receiving a petition containing more than 11,000 signatures, the BBC dropped the show.Before Liverpool’s match today against Arsenal, the fans in The Kop held up colored placards to spell out the words “The Truth” in protest against MacKenzie’s recent refusal to apologize for what his newspaper published.The display of placards lasted six minutes into the game — precisely the same amount of time that police failed to do anything to help the fans trapped inside the pens at Hillsborough until the time the 1989 FA Cup semi-final was abandoned.As soon as the six minutes were up, the Anfield roar was reportedly deafening.For football fans in America, you can watch the tape-delayed highlights of the match on Fox Soccer Channel on Tuesday at 3pm ET and 11pm ET.


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