Fox Soccer Channel Acquires Rights to UEFA Cup

Fox Soccer Channel may have lost TV rights to a portion of their Premiership matches and the entire Bundesliga this season, but the network came out strong by announcing today it has won the rights to show the final rounds of the UEFA Cup.

FSC will show six quarterfinal matches, four semifinal matches and the final. The teams remaining in the tournament include Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, Tottenham Hotspur and Rangers.

In prior rounds of the tournament this season, Setanta held the TV rights in the U.S. to the UEFA Cup.

2 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Acquires Rights to UEFA Cup”

  1. I guess it’s not all a disaster for FSC. For example, they had 2 cracking games this past weekend- Chelsea-Arsenal and Roma-Lazio; tomorrow, they have the Toyota Cup semi at 5am, then-Clelsea-Newcastle and a taped delay on Boca-Estudiantes at 5pm-the Argentinian League final.

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