Most Memorable Matches So Far This Premiership Season

Let’s take a step back for a minute regarding this Premiership season, and consider how many matches we’ve seen on TV that have been absolutely enthralling matches where both teams produced a fantastic competitive display.

So the question is, what have been the most memorable matches so far this season? And have there been fewer entertaining matches than in previous seasons?

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For me, the best match of the season thus far was the 1-1 draw between West Ham and Aston Villa that marked the debut of Carlos Tevez. The match was played at a frenetic pace with both teams playing an attacking style of play. There were several goalline clearances, a header that hit the bar. But, overall, the style of play was brilliant.

The 3-0 Everton win against Liverpool was entertaining, but it doesn’t count in my book because Liverpool didn’t show up to play that day. Reading against Manchester United was entertaining, but the first half was lukewarm. Liverpool against Newcastle featured some wonderful goals, but again, the first half was uneventful, and the match was far from being a classic in the usual Liverpool v Newcastle calibre.

Chelsea against Liverpool left a bitter taste in my mouth especially during the first half with lots of fouls and the Blues just walking across the pitch in slow motion.

The only match, other than West Ham against Aston Villa, that I can consider a classic was the Man United versus Arsenal match. There was the penalty incident, and Jens Lehmann getting hit in the face by the ball. Plus there were several other interesting subplots. While it wasn’t a classic in its purest form, it’s the only other match that can come close to rivaling the Hammers against Villa.


5 thoughts on “Most Memorable Matches So Far This Premiership Season”

  1. Hey Gaffer,

    First off thanks for the site you do a GREAT job and I enjoy participating every morng.

    OR ME THE debut of Reading falling down bu 2 to boro and coming back to win was fantastic. Great way to start

  2. We may be conning ourselves into thinking the first few weeks’ Premiership games have been memorable/entertaining, due to a wish to banish from memory the disappointing fare served up at the World Cup. As for the Merseyside derby Liverpool did hit the woodwork twice and have a stonewall pen denied so it’s not really fair to say they never showed up to play that day. The ‘best’ game? There hasn’t been one so far…


  3. So far it’s got to be Hammers-Villa. Without Keane and Vieira, the United-Arsenal match doesn’t have quite as much intensity. Nowhere near Arsenal 2 United 4 back in early 2005.

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