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EPLTalk Podcast 1

I’m going to do something that very few web sites ever do, and that is ask for your opinion — but really doing something with the feedback.

I want you to help me decide the fate of the EPL Talk Magazine.

Some of you may have read it, others may have not. But if you have two minutes, I’d like for you to complete a short survey to give me your valuable feedback. I’m really curious to get a better understanding of whether it’s something you enjoy or not, and if the PDF format is conducive to reading.

On a related note, I thnk some of you can see that the EPL Talk network is starting to really take off. A lot of it is thanks to you spreading the word on Big Soccer, to ITVN, on Flickr, Stickam and MySpace. It’s a huge phenomenon, but realize that all of us are thousands of miles away from each other, around the world. We’re thousands of miles away even our own country, America. For example, I’m 60 miles north of Miami.

A perfect example of technology benefiting soccer was today when the EPL Talk chat was a huge success. We had one bloke in Tokyo, one from Australia, several throughout America, me, and many others chatting about the Premiership while the matches were playing live. Some may call it sacrilegous, but with the technology of the Internet and the rising passion for the English Premier League, this is a soccer nirvana right now for Americans.

Sure, there are many people who are upset because of the changes. Some people have Dish, but no Setanta. You may have cable but no Setanta channel. You can’t get DirecTV because of many different reasons. I understand where you’re coming from, as I’m in the same boat as you. But I just got ITVN switched on and fully functioning today and it’s been brilliant. Thankfully my broadband cable speed is back to normal, so I’m able to watch ITVN and FSC at the same time. Topgunners, on the chat board Saturday morning, noticed the split-screen large TV, one half watching Spurs against Everton, while the other side had Watford versus Manchester United.

I don’t know about you, but that was the first time I’ve ever been able to watch two live Premiership matches at the same time. Sure, it takes a new skill to watch two things at the same time, but men are used to that.

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