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"Ten, We’ve Only Got 10 Men…, We’ve only got 10 Men"

EPLTalk Podcast 1 "Ten, Weve Only Got 10 Men..., Weve only got 10 Men"

I’m going to do something that very few web sites ever do, and that is ask for your opinion — but really doing something with the feedback.

I want you to help me decide the fate of the EPL Talk Magazine.

Some of you may have read it, others may have not. But if you have two minutes, I’d like for you to complete a short survey to give me your valuable feedback. I’m really curious to get a better understanding of whether it’s something you enjoy or not, and if the PDF format is conducive to reading.

On a related note, I thnk some of you can see that the EPL Talk network is starting to really take off. A lot of it is thanks to you spreading the word on Big Soccer, to ITVN, on Flickr, Stickam and MySpace. It’s a huge phenomenon, but realize that all of us are thousands of miles away from each other, around the world. We’re thousands of miles away even our own country, America. For example, I’m 60 miles north of Miami.

A perfect example of technology benefiting soccer was today when the EPL Talk chat was a huge success. We had one bloke in Tokyo, one from Australia, several throughout America, me, and many others chatting about the Premiership while the matches were playing live. Some may call it sacrilegous, but with the technology of the Internet and the rising passion for the English Premier League, this is a soccer nirvana right now for Americans.

Sure, there are many people who are upset because of the changes. Some people have Dish, but no Setanta. You may have cable but no Setanta channel. You can’t get DirecTV because of many different reasons. I understand where you’re coming from, as I’m in the same boat as you. But I just got ITVN switched on and fully functioning today and it’s been brilliant. Thankfully my broadband cable speed is back to normal, so I’m able to watch ITVN and FSC at the same time. Topgunners, on the chat board Saturday morning, noticed the split-screen large TV, one half watching Spurs against Everton, while the other side had Watford versus Manchester United.

I don’t know about you, but that was the first time I’ve ever been able to watch two live Premiership matches at the same time. Sure, it takes a new skill to watch two things at the same time, but men are used to that.

Meanwhile, it brings me great pleasure to announce that EPL Talk has signed its first advertising client, which is ITVN. They’ll be advertising on the next episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, scheduled for release Sunday night, and featuring an exclusive interview with Dermot McQuarrie, the number two executive at Fox Soccer Channel. The intelligent and experienced Scot discussed the exciting changes at Fox and the future of the network.

The advertising is necessary to help support the cost of running the site (hosting, design costs, programming, public relations, etc) plus my time.

Also, those people who were on the EPL Talk Chat Saturday morning got the exclusive news about two new interviews coming soon to the Podcast. The first is an interview with Liverpool legend Ronnie Whelan, who won an amazing European Cup trophy (now the modern-day Champions League) against Roma in the final in Rome, Italy, in 1983-84. The Reds won on penalty kicks when Alan Kennedy scored the final fourth goal.

One year later, in the 1984-85 final, Liverpool and Ronnie Whelan were in the final again, but this time, tragedy struck as the game was secondary to the horror of the 39 dead after a wall collapsed at Heysel Stadium in one of the most darkest days of football.

Sadly again, Whelan was involved in another tragedy when he captained Liverpool on what I would most definitely say was the most horrific day in the history of soccer when 96 were crushed to death during the Hillsborough disaster.

On brighter news, Whelan won more than 15 medals with Liverpool after joining them in 1979 and making his debut in 1981. Suffice to say, it was a pleasure speaking to him and I enjoyed his stories about the “Boot Room” at Liverpool and how they learned to play their passing style of play they were so famous for in the late 70s and early 80s. That interview will be released probably mid-week.

The other piece of news is that we have scheduled an interview with the creator of the hilarious Manchester Buccaneers blog and author of the book of the same title. The author used to work for SkySports and was also a ghostwriter for many of the top pundits in England. If you have questions you want asked, please post them here.

Oh yeah, and there’s one more interview coming soon, except this is a surprise guest right now. He’s confirmed, but I just want to re-confirm before I announce the news between Monday and Wednesday. I’ll update the blog as soon as I know.

Thanks everyone for your support. I’ll post the magazine survey online on Sunday or Monday for your feedback.

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4 Responses to "Ten, We’ve Only Got 10 Men…, We’ve only got 10 Men"

  1. JustinMufc1 says:

    Hey chris, this is justin, long time no talk! I wasnt able to get in the chat today due to i had a game at 12! at least we won, but yea didnt get to see any football this weekend, on account im moving into a new house and im at my dads and he doesnt have fsc but its there! aye killn me but gud thing for tivo, really trying to get setanta since my beloved man utd are mostly on there! But keep up the great work on the site and everyhting else, my voice on myspace can make your site larger and its paid off!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I was in on the chat and it was great. Really a dream come true. I’m not the pub type and like technology bringing me a wider and broader view at home. My only problem yesterday was that I had to work most of the morning. Keep it up!

    As for the magizine, I like it. Maybe teh focus should be on informing the new fan of the long history of English Football and what will be new in the future.

    Congratulations on the paying advertiser.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “men are used to that” ??

  4. The Guvnor says:

    I like the mag + the podcasts. Haven’t got got to match-time chat since it’s difficult enough to watch 2 screens. I’m worried that I’m becoming obsessed with the game but I’ve been too busy watching or blogging to fit in any time with my analyst. DirectTV also has Goal +MSG. Anyway must get back to posting on McMahon’s blog.


    No way I would switch from DirectTV, because they’re adding more HighDef Channels on their new MPEG4 satellite soon. Plus (for what it’s worth they do have MLS on high Def)


    If any of you read my rant on picture quality, the DirectTV engineering people said they do not compress the signals on higher channels numbers (like 613-615). They’re a the mercy of the providers. Maybe if Sky/Fox/Setanta switched to MPEG4 they could double the quality using the same bandwidth and cost.

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