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fox-soccer-logoThe third season of Steven Cohen and Nick Geber’s football TV talk show on Fox Soccer Channel launched this evening. And their show, previously known as Fox Football Friday and now renamed Fox Football Fone-In, is their best version yet.

First, the two hour timeslot is sufficient time to allow Cohen and Geber plenty of time to discuss the hot football topics without rushing through topics such as they did in previous seasons where the show was just 60 minutes. This season’s format definitely fits their style of banter.

Second, the production value of the show was far superior to previous seasons. The camera angles were spot on, the split-screen techniques were extremely professional and the set fits the character of the show perfectly, looking more like an expensive ESPN set than something from the thrifty Fox.

Third, the high energy level was maintained throughout the show — which is sometimes hard to do, especially for two straight hours. As usual, Geber and Cohen were irreverant.

The only criticism I have for the show is that it ended up being too MLS-centric. Let’s hope that future episodes will delve deeper into the world’s most popular sports league — the English Premier League.

Fox Football Fone-In airs every Tuesday night at 8pm ET on Fox Soccer Channel.

7 thoughts on “Review of Fox Football Fone-In”

  1. I am a huge fan of FFF.
    I kinda liked the setup at a bar last season better, though.
    The MLS discussion was very healthy and I didn’t mind it. We live in America and the future of the domestic league is critical for the popularity of the game in this country.
    I just hope Garber and the rest were listening. MLS still has a long way to go, but it is a very young league, and it will get better. Changing the format(one division, teams relegating, getting rid of the playoffs, and getting rid of the salary caps) will help.
    The new day-Tuesday night, is much better than Friday for those of us who tend to enjoy Friday nights out drinking.
    Two hours is great-just enough for the guys to rant and to get pleanty of phone calls on different topics(the “conspiracy in the world cup” was by far the most entertaining call of the night…).
    All in all-good work and keep it up!

  2. I was never really a fan of Fox Football Friday, but I have to admit that the new format is very good. The only problem I have with the show is the call screening — some of the calls they receive are cringeworthy, and I wish they would filter some of them out before they go on-air. Some of my favorite calls from last night:

    1. Why Liverpool aren’t signing any strikers.
    2. Brian McBride should be the next USA manager.

  3. i too prefered the pub feel..but the new setup is fine. i do think its too similar to their radio show. they should take advantage of being on TV, and show clips or highlights. even do text or stats..but its like just being able to see the radio show. and after listening for 2 hours early that day, it offers me very little thats new. more visuals would be nice…but nick and steven are enjoyable and its soccer talk on a week night so i like it!

  4. You have to remember – FSC now supports both the EPL and MLS, so I’m sure FFF is instructed to handle both. at least 70% of the show was EPL discussion IMO. I don’t see how you can really complain about that. I’m a fan of both, so I don’t see the problem. Uh oh – am I a know-nothing loser for supporting the MLS??? – GOD FORBID!!! As I’ve said before I see the faults with the MLS – but if this league fails, soccer will be completely written off by the mainstream in this country. So I feel it is my duty to throw constructive criticism at the MLS, yet will continue to support it. Especially the players – they get no respect and there are some pretty good ones in the bunch.

  5. I think that the FFF was actually canned, but came back to life at the last moment, when they cut out the Fox and Hounds bar bill. (Look how it never even got on the listings till a few days before the show!!!

    I always watched it avidly but let’s face it was pretty amateurish/embarassing last year and this is a big improvement. I think it do with somer regular features to give it some structure. Too much MLS? Well I’m in favor of anything that pomotoes interst in soccer in the US. I’d like to see Fox sponsor at least promote school and the college game because in the long run that’s the only real hope for Football in the US.
    Well at least I got my say on it …

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