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Setanta Sports Releases Official EPL Schedule

setanta sports 600x391 Setanta Sports Releases Official EPL Schedule

This morning, Setanta officially released their schedule of Premiership matches for now through October 28. The matches highlighted in bold below are the new ones we didn’t know about before (see the complete list from EPL Talk here, which also includes Oct. 29th through Dec. 23rd).

Saturday, Aug 19th, 7:30am; Sheffield United v Liverpool
Saturday, Aug 19th, 9:30am; Arsenal v Aston Villa
Saturday, Aug 19th, 2:30pm; West Ham v Charlton [tape-delayed]
Sunday, Aug 20th, 8:30am; Man United v Fulham
Tuesday, Aug 22nd, 3pm; Spurs v Sheffield United
Wednesday, Aug 23rd, 3pm; Charlton v Man United
Saturday, Aug 26th, 7:30am; Liverpool v West Ham
Saturday, Aug 26th, 10am; Watford v Man United
Saturday, Aug 26th, 5pm; Charlton v Bolton [tape-delayed]
Sunday, Aug 27, 9am; Aston Villa v Newcastle
Saturday, Sept 9, 7:30am; Everton v Liverpool
Saturday, Sept 9, 10am; Chelsea v Charlton
Saturday, Sept 9, 4pm; Newcastle v Fulham [tape-delayed]
Saturday, Sept 16, 7:30am; Charlton v Portsmouth
Saturday, Sept 16, 10am; Everton v Wigan
Saturday, Sept 16, 10am; Sheff Utd v Reading [DirecTV channel 670 only]
Sunday, Sept 17, 8:30am; Chelsea v Liverpool
Wednesday, Sept 20, 3pm; Liverpool v Newcastle
Saturday, Sept 23, 7:30am; Liverpool v Spurs
Saturday, Sept 23, 10am; Fulham v Chelsea
Saturday, Sept 23, 10am; Man City v West Ham [DirecTV channel 670 only]
Saturday, Sept 30, 7:30am; Bolton v Liverpool
Saturday, Sept 30, 10am; Man United v Newcastle
Saturday, Sept 30, 10am; Charlton v Arsenal [DirecTV channel 670 only]
Sunday, Oct 1, 9am; West Ham v Reading
Saturday, Oct 14, 7:30am; Wigan v Man United
Saturday, Oct 14, 10am; Liverpool v Blackburn
Saturday, Oct 14, 10am; Aston Villa v Spurs [DirecTV channel 670 only]
Saturday, Oct 21, 8am; Spurs v West Ham
Saturday, Oct 21, 8am; Wigan v Man City [DirecTV channel 670 only]
Saturday, Oct 21, 10am; Middlesbrough v Newcastle
Sunday, Oct 22, 8am; Man United v Liverpool
Saturday, Oct 28, 7:30am; Sheff Utd v Chelsea
Saturday, Oct 28, 10am; Bolton v Man United
Saturday, Oct 28, 10am; Arsenal v Everton [DirecTV channel 670 only]

Note: DirecTV’s channel 670, called Setanta Extra, is available at no additional cost only to DirecTV subscribers and will not be made available to ITVN viewers.

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8 Responses to Setanta Sports Releases Official EPL Schedule

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh dear…….. looking worse and worse for those who can’t get DirecTV….. Please help us out IPTV and let us watch them all (and please let it work in Canada too!)
    Waiting for Monday!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i can only get comcast – really annoyed that i can’t get direct. i’d pay double to get direct TV….gutted.

  3. ROCKFISHDG says:

    Wait a minute, my DirecTV DVR can record two 10am games at once, but not three! (FSC 613, Setanta 615, Setanta 670) You know what they say, “Too much of a good thing… is a REAL good thing!”

  4. BDB says:

    Sounds like someone needs a 2nd Directv DVR!!

    I’ll ask again.
    Is setanta looking to broadcast in HD at some point?

  5. ROCKFISHDG says:


    I hear you brother… HDTV definitely does not suck!

  6. Loman says:

    Anyone thinking about buying ITVN stock? (ITTV.OB) (

    I’ve had good luck buying stock of things I like and use. I got Gamestop (GME) @ $17/share because I like the store I shopped at. Now it is $44/share thanks to the merger with Electronics Boutique.

    Seems like ITVN could be very promising.

    P.S. this is not spam or trying to raise the price of the stock. I own none.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The first 8 games of my team -LIVERPOOL-are on Setanta and usually the kick off is at 7:45/8:00 am. I have a BIG PROBLEM and I have a week to solve it(yes, I don’t get Setanta and I have only FSC). The Irish bar next door-MacDintons in Tampa-doesn’t open that early!
    Help! I want to watch LIVERPOOL!

  8. Anonymous says:

    If Dish Network doesn’t get Setanta within the next two weeks I am changing service fast.

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