ESPN Responds to Criticism


Tokyo Toffeeman, an EPL Talk reader from Japan, sent me this very interesting link about ESPN’s response to the criticism it has been receiving regarding its coverage of the World Cup.

Read the piece here.

Most newspapers typically have ombudsmen who are supposed to answer complaints and comments from readers (or, in this case, viewers). They’re supposed to be objective, but in this particular example, it’s obvious that George Solomon knows little about the game.

Sure, he makes some good points, but Solomon’s belief that “the quality of the five announcing teams, led by Dave O’Brien and Marcelo Balboa, has been solid” is completely far from the truth. Either he hasn’t been watching the matches, or he knows nothing about soccer. Note that I do believe the commentating has improved after its atrocious beginning, but it’s still below par for the world’s greatest sporting tournament.

Meanwhile, Scanlan’s retort that BBC broadcasters don’t know the players as well as ESPN commentators do is completely outrageous.

If you have comments or questions regarding ESPN’s coverage of events such as the World Cup, you can send them to ESPN here.


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