If I were Bruce: The US Lineup For the Opener

Onyewu Pope
Cherundolo Lewis
Dempsey Reyna Beasley
First subs of the bench:

O’BrienI would employ a 4-5-1 or more truly a 4-4-1-1 formation that utilizes Landon Donovan’s playmaking by using him as a withdrawn striker/attacking midfielder. I have doubts about John O’Brien’s fitness and believe that Clint Dempsey is currently playing at a very high level and thus should start. Eddie Johnson should come off the bench, because much like game changing subs for Trinidad and Mexico the other day, Johnson’s pace and fresh legs could devestate an injured and aging Czech side late in the match. Bobby Convey should be the first sub regardless of the game situation. Convey is versatile and can play anywhere in the pitch.

14 thoughts on “If I were Bruce: The US Lineup For the Opener”

  1. Kartik, you are obviously an Indian who understands International Sport. Take it from me, you can not educate the mindless American public about the beautiful game. It is too complicated for them. Let them enjoy their games like Baseball that lack tactics and Basketball which involves no strategy whatsoever. The Yanks only care about games that they can dominate.

  2. Heading out now to watch the game. I’d start O’Brien over Dempsey but everything else looks about right.


  3. Don’t get your hopes up Yanks. Kartik, we could use someone of your Football knowledge cheering for England across the pond. don’t waste your energy on the useless USA.

  4. Kartik,

    I mostly agree with your starting lineup. I only question Dempsey starting ahead of Convey.

    I can see it both ways, Dempsey may match up better due to his size but I like Convey’s speed and crossing ability.

    I do feel O’Brien could help due to his ball handling and passing but I doubt his fitness as well.

    I agree 100% with Eddie Johnson. Bring him on in the 60 + minute and he can give the Czech defense fits.

  5. I would not play Eddie Lewis on the back line any longer. Carlos Bocanegra is better man on the ball defender and is also better in the air and can be valuable on set pieces. Lewis offers pace, but seemed lost today. Better to use him as a reserve in a must win agme versus Italy.

  6. Making fun at your expense is all too easy. As many of us on this website have said over the past few days England is a superior team and USA is probably the worst team to qualify for the finals.

    Here is why:

    – USA has virtually no players playing at major clubs in Europe

    – USA has a disjointed midfield which relies on speed but which lacks skill and quality

    – USA has nobody on its squad who is a quality finisher. Look at Costa Rica whom you claim you are far superior to. They got two good opportunities to score and took advantage of both.

    -USA lacks a ball control midfielder.

    – USA tried to play longball but unlike England your backs do not play balls that land on the strikers feet.

    The above points have all been obvious for some time about USA. You do not have the great Brad Friedel to mask you defeciences this time and you do not have a class wing player like the black fellow who played in germany, his name escapes me this time around.

    USA will not get a point in this world cup. Those of us who have brought up the obvious problems in your side have been met with disdain and insults on this website. We however have gotten the last laugh.

  7. Well, we did score as many goals as England did. So I guess our offense (not offence) is just as good as yours.

    Still, I see that the arrogant English fan is alive and well. During this whole discussion, I haven’t said once that the US would win the World Cup. We sucked today, and most American fans will say that.

    The problem with the English fans is that they will say their team played glorious when, in fact, they didn’t play well at all. Face it, you played like crap during that Paraguay match. Like I said before, you must be proud that England’s leading scorer is Paraguay!

    English fans will just never admit that their team sometimes doesn’t play that great. The way they talk, you figure that they (sorry if I steal your quote Kartik) won a World Cup or two in the last 40 years. Again, what have you won, ZERO!

    Still, I think France is going to win (yeah, I am biased). At least France has won a World Cup in my lifetime. Hell, they even won one in my dogs lifetime! What about England??? Yep, ZERO!

  8. Kartik, I have always said McBride is overrated. I think Johnson needs to start the next match, as well as Howard.

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