First time?

If you’re new to EPL Talk, welcome to your interactive guide to the English Premiership! In addition to the blog, be sure to visit the EPLTalk web site, download the free magazine, visit the EPL page at Squidoo and stay tuned to this blog for exciting news about an upcoming podcast.

Cheers to the wonderful girls at The Treble radio show for a great shout-out during their must-hear show. Also, thanks to Mark Hesketh from A Game of Two Halves for a recent mention on their podcast. And cheers to Graham Bell at The 2 G’s for pimping EPL Talk last week.

One thought on “First time?”

  1. no worries Gaffer glad to help out. we’ve recently been listed here in australia in the top 3 sports podcasts so exposure for epltalk, etc.. should only get better!

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