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The debut issue of EPL Talk Magazine is now available as a FREE PDF.

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EPL Talk Magazine fills a huge void in the lives of Premiership football fans in the States. It’s the only magazine (and web site) that is written exclusively for Premier League fans who follow the world’s most popular club league on Fox Soccer Channel.

The debut issue of EPL Talk Magazine features:

> An interview with several well-known soccer journalists on the topic of the growing number of Americans becoming attracted to the English Premier League.

> A review of the just-released video game, World Soccer Winning Eleven 9.

> A trip down memory lane for Premiership fans to better understand how English soccer used to be experienced.

> Recommendations for how to improve Fox Soccer Channel.

> News on how the soccer watching experience for US TV viewers is going to change,

> And much much more in 19 pages of content!


One thought on “Download the EPL Talk Magazine Now”

  1. Excellent debut!!

    As an American who’s only followed the league for 10 years, I really enjoyed the “Trip Down Memory Lane”.

    One point on the “Inside the Box” article. Sky Sports’ loss of exclusive broadcasts rights could turn out to really hurt us in the U.S. As you point out, News corp owns both the FSC and BSkyB, allowing them to air games here at no “real” cost. I’m very worried that once the BBC (or other broadcasters) gets their hands on some of the games, Fox won’t be willing to spend a lot of money for the rights to those broadcasts. That would leave us with a lot fewer live matches than we currently have.

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