Premiership Roundup, January 14-15 2006

Other observations from this weekend’s Premiership matches:

Liverpool’s Cisse changes his hairstyle again (sheesh). Newcastle adds a new third strip. This one is the new style that Adidas has launched, and looks almost identical to Liverpool’s new home strip (scheduled for release this summer) except that it’ll be red (of course) instead of blue. And lastly, what were all of those empty seats at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light against Chelsea? If The Black Cats can’t sell out their ground against Chelsea, something is terribly wrong.

2 thoughts on “Premiership Roundup, January 14-15 2006”

  1. Clearly Liverpool is the second best team in England right now. If Chelsea were to lose two games we’d actually have a race. Wouldn’t that be something, seeing as how everyone has pretty much given it to Chelsea.

    Checking the EPL talk site, looks like we’ve got some good machups on free TV this weekend. Looking forward to a post from you on what’s on tap. I’m assuming Pool -v- United is the PPV game, which is too good of a game not to pay for.


  2. Yep, the Liverpool versus Man U match is on PPV on Sunday morning at 11am ET. This should be a classic!

    The Gaffer

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