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/ 5 days ago

New EFL deal with Sky Sports: What it means for US soccer fans

US soccer fans are set for an exciting change to their consumption of the EFL after Sky Sports renewed their deal. A blockbuster new domestic broadcast deal between the English Football League and Sky Sports was announced on Monday. While the agreement is specific to the UK market, it will undoubtedly have ripple effects across […]

Wrexham open to making its games free in USA in new EFL deal

In what would be the first of its kind for a major professional soccer team, the Welsh team owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney is open to making live broadcasts of Wrexham games free in the USA. Speaking to World Soccer Talk, Wrexham's Director of Football Shaun Harvey explained the reasoning behind the unconventional […]
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/ 88 days ago

Shaun Harvey interview: Wrexham Director of Football

In a fascinating interview with Wrexham Director of Football Shaun Harvey, the executive discusses the crossroads the EFL finds itself in ahead of a new international rights deal. iFollow is ending, so what does the future of streaming EFL games look like for international viewers? Harvey shares his insight regarding the available options and the […]

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/ 290 days ago

How to watch Wrexham games from USA

Wrexham announced its streaming information on Monday, meaning fans in the USA now know where to watch the club's games this season. As the Red Dragons return to League Two play, the competition only increases for Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as owners. For American viewers, Wrexham's promotion is a good thing as it makes […]